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Things are looking a bit lofty for bitcoin, at least insofar as sentiment is concerned, possibly signaling some speed bumps ahead.


There are over 8,000 nodes on the Ethereum network. Amazon’s new management feature should increase that number.


The Cardano blockchain, which runs its native ADA token, will become a multi-asset chain with its “Mary? hard fork today.


Bitcoin debit cards let you convert cryptocurrency to cash to make everyday purchases. Here are the best cards based on fees, currencies options, benefits, and more.


USDT cryptocurrency developer Tether has said they are being extorted by threat actors who are demanding 500 bitcoins, or approximately $24 million, not to leak allegedly stolen emails and documents.



It’s a bearish start to the day for the majors. Failure to move through the day’s pivot levels would leave support levels in play.


It’s a bearish start to the day for the majors. Failure to move through the day’s pivot levels would leave support levels in play.


Crypto users can now buy dogecoin with cash at 1,800 CoinFlip ATMs across the U.S. It has expanded from about 451 ATMs last year.


The Moeing chain project aims to provide the same benefits as Ethereum 2.0 scaling solutions but with help from the Bitcoin Cash network.

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A crypto-currency is a digital exchange medium.Cryptocurrency systems ensure the security, integrity and balance of their accounts through a framework of mutually verified agents called miners, which are mostly public in general and actively protect the network by maintaining a high rate of processing algorithms, in order to have the opportunity to receive a small tip, which is randomly distributed.Cryptocurrencies stock news and info.


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Its Treasury had been commissioned on 6 August 2014, the UK announced to do a study of cryptocurrencies, and what role, if any, they can play in the UK economy. On whether regulation should be considered, the study was also to report .

A digital medium exchange is a crypto-currency.Cryptocurrency through a framework systems ensure the security, integrity and balance. Cryptocurrencies stock news and info.

Functions other than making payments is provided by a blockchain account. In decentralized applications and contracts. The units or coins are called to as crypto tokens

Hello descriptive coins and welcome to this price prediction video for 2018 and this one I will be looking at Biden's coin. Cryptocurrencies: stocks, news.

B&B as voted in in , videos and websites.

My Twitter poll visible here so.

Today's 14th of January 2018 and thank you very much for tuning to do this video and I hope it's gonna be useful indeed so first of all.

Let's look at the price history how violence has been progressing so far so ever since the listing on the exchanges at the beginning of August it's.

Been a very good year for violence both in terms of the actual violence coin and the.

Exchange so the exchange quickly became the number.

One exchange in terms of the volume I mean it's been overtaking from time to.

Time mostly by bit some but overall very good and balanced coin is reflecting that as well as you can see if you invested at the right. Videos and websites

Time you would make.

Incredible profits now I did cover balance in my undivided Series back when it was worth about $1 somewhere in this area so if you invested back then it's currently worth.

About $20 so the returns will be absolutely marvelous however no coin is perfect and.

That's the case with finance as well so first of all let's have a look at some.

Of the disadvantages of violence first of all violence is one of the mode you know pretty much the biggest huge cases for violence is the reduced.

Fees on the violence exchange my dog is making noises so hopefully you can't hear it but that fee will be decreasing so originally it's gonna be 50% it's currently 50%.

But it will be decreasing as visible here so in the second year is gonna be 25% and then year 5 there will be absolutely.

No discount when you use bonus coin to pay the fees so that's will certainly affect the demand.

For the tokens.

Then obviously violence is a centralized exchange so they will have to make sure to stay on top of the regulations and do not get closed by government that is always a.

Risk so it's.

Something to consider as well because the.

Moment they are closed violence coin will essentially be useless and then there's a competition obviously more and more exchanges are popping.

Cryptocurrencies: stocks, news. Out and especially the decentralize exchanges will be a big player because they really don't have to worry about the involvement from the governments and this is something to consider when looking.

At the vault a value of the token as well because the value of the balanced coin will be always connected to how well the exchange is doing however overall it's very.

Promising coin and here are the reasons why so balance is the most popular.

Exchange other if you contend this will be some of KK's BitFenix Beatrix and.

Who will be being the main ones both violence is in my opinion currently the most popular one I think at the time of this video it has.

The most volume I think the Korean exchange be some might have.

More but violence is pretty much usually.

At the top spot and if.

They can upgrade the infrastructure and ensure new.

Listings of the interesting tokens they should continue to stay on top that's my opinion and then there's a fact that the tokens are burned regularly so every.

Quarter basically four times a year violence is using 20% of the profits to buy back violence.

Coin and destroy them until they buy fifty percent of the balance coins that means 100 million of the tokens so obviously whenever there's a decreased supply then.

That should increase the demand for existing tokens and as.

A result positively affect the price then there is something called ICO Launchpad I think they call.

It which in my opinion is the biggest.

Reason why the balanced coin is so promising so so far violence had to I see was launched on that platform then being gift oh and.

Bread and both of them were quite popular and basically to contribute along the Syrian contribution.

As always you can also contribute in violence coin and because those two ICS especially they were quite limited I.

Mean how many you know in the heart cup and how.

Many contributions they did take that means people essentially had to purchase balanced coin just to contribute in.

Those ICO so obviously that really affected the price by a lot so I think every time there's a major ICO being released on violence coin that imbalance.

Exchange that will affect the balance point price quite significantly some of the additional things to consider when.

Looking at the price of the balance coin it seemed to be like well basically what I just said increasing whenever there is.

A major SEO announce obviously we could we could only see it.

Twice so far but in both cases that was the case so I think the.

Moment there's a major SEO announced that they are will be using the launch but I think if you manage to.

Get in early enough you might be able to get before a massive pump because as we have seen so far that's usually the case if there's a.

Major SEO you can try to.

Buy I'm utterly opposed as possible.

And make profit that way obviously - coin is listed imbalance well no surprises there it's also on easier Delta but there's.

Almost no volume there so there's absolutely no reason for you to use it obviously it's.

Also used as a market and can be actually used to get some good deals on cryptocurrency so whenever you are considering on buying of a cryptocurrency on.

An exchange what I would do I would go to coin market cup and see where you can get the cheapest price sometimes it might be.

Better to purchase it with violence coin instead of a serum or Bitcoin current price is.

Around $20 it is just under $20 because their ambit constructing today in the market cup is just on the two billion US dollars as.

Well the whole time high was achieved on 12th of this month so January and was.

Just under $25 so it's not that far from all-time high I think we are experiencing I'm a small dip caused by you know no new announcements no.

New major I see us being released on the platform currently there is around 99 million of the BMV in circulation.

Around 5 million should be burned in.

2018 60 millions should be released by the team as my own calculations are made I do not guarantee they're correct by the way but for.

All my price calculations I will use hundred and ten.

Million in circulation that's on the list from my perspective if you're a balance exchange user you pretty much.

Shoot hold some violence coin anyway for the lowered fees and potential for some good I see us on the.

Platform I think it's a no-brainer you don't need.

To hold a lot of them but if you just have some just to get those reduced fees on the exchange it's a.

Pretty good deal in my opinion.

Which is me to their price so all of the calculations are same 110 million in circulation and.

For all of the prediction I assume the.

Exchange will not be closed due to any type of door issues there's a.

Key if the exchange is closed then basically everyone screwed the tokens would be useless however.

If it's not he was the first prediction which is a pessimistic view $50 pen one pair one coin with a market cap of 515 obviously at the end of 2018.

And that takes into consideration general bad climate in crypto like for example today significant violence.

Competition arising and lack of significant listings and/or icos usually that would be hundred dollars per one balanced.

Coin with a market cap of 11 billion at the end of 2018 I feel that feel good i SEOs would be all it takes for the B&B to reach the levels.

And that doesn't even take him into consideration the huge potential growth of the violence platform you know with cryptocurrency in general going.

Pretty much mainstream and then optimistic view which is 300 B&B dollars per one being me and that's 33 billion market cap at the end of 2018 I would say this is.

Very optimistic but it's.

Also quite achievable if violence can stay that top exchange.

Increase the volume or in terms of the usage and be on top of the competition in terms of the new listings and they can secure very.

Good in interesting.

Cryptocurrencies on the platform and also feel good and hopefully exclusive I SEOs obviously in that.

Scenario there's also.

Quite a good crypto market in general but I don't think there's a stretch I think if I knew you know if all these happen I think.

That price it's.

Not even that crazy considering you know the fact that violence already increased the price by 20.

Times since like what September it's not crazy as long as they can stay the top exchange as always this is just a prediction it's you know if anything can happen that's.

What I always say so always make sure you only invest what you are willing to lose that's the key yeah.

That's about it.

If you have any suggestions for this series I probably can still do few of.

Those videos but not many because it's you know it's.

Mid-january already but I will still.

Be taking few suggestions if you have any house already subscribed for these videos now I would be also telling you to press the bell button so.

You get direct alerts about my videos this way you can you don't have to you know.

Wait you can just get my.

Message that I uploaded something and as always if you like these videos please give it a thumbs up.

Because that helps.

Me quite a lot Cheers and as always I do.

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