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SymbolYTN Rank2148 Price USD0.0016 Market Cap USD69,840 24H volume USD0 Circulating Supply41,952,065 Total Supply41,952,065 Max Supply80,000,000 % last hour -0.20 % last 24 hours 2.46 % last seven days 1.20  


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Yoh Fiire-B Ndjamena-Pala Me cherche pas j'suis pas là Gang Alt F4 Fiire-B

Fiire-B Ça fait des années que je les vois faire Ça fait des années que je l'ai deja fais (Je l'ai déjà fait enfaîte) Je peux pas rentrer dans vos plans de merdes j'suis Fiire B je suis pas une merde Baby girl dis moi qu'est ce qu'on fait Allons le faire au bord de la mer (au bord de l'eau) Il faut du cash il faut du cash Il faut du money bae il faut du cash J'suis à Ndjamena il faut du cash A Pala il faut du cash Ouais Ouais Ouais Tout est bon Ouais Tout va bien Ouais Tout est bon Ouais Tout va bien J’ai la santé tout vas bien Ouais tout va bien J’ai mon oseille tout va bien Ouais tout va bien J’suis entouré tout va bien Ouais tout va bien J’suis posé j’suis posé bien posé tout va bien ouais tout va bien J'ai la santé la santé la santé tout va bien Ouais Tout va bien J'ai mon oseille mon oseille mon oseille tout va bien Ouais Tout va bien Et tudo bem Ouais tudo bem Je veux une meuf'g koudé bem Ou une voiture merco benz La petite est bonne la petite est conne Mais tout va bien Une paire de Nike bijou en or tout vas bien Ouais tout va béné Très peu soucis et beaucoup d’argent Beaucoup de pussy et beaucoup d’argent Beaucoup gros uc et beaucoup d’argent Très peu de boulot mais beaucoup d’argent Hey Petit t’inquiète tout vas bien Tant que j’ai la santé tout va bien Les ennemis je commence en avoir mais tout va bien Les ennemis sont partout je te dirai pas tout J'ai ni**é des mères mais je te jure mon frère j'suis pas dans les partouzes Ouais Ouais Ouais Tout est bon Ouais Tout va bien Ouais Tout est bon Ouais Tout va bien J’ai la santé tout vas bien Ouais tout va bien J’ai mon oseille tout va bien Ouais tout va bien J’suis entouré tout va bien Ouais tout va bien J’suis posé j’suis posé bien posé tout va bien Ouais tout va bien J'ai la santé la santé la santé tout va bien Ouais Tout va bien J'ai mon oseille mon oseille mon oseille tout va bien Ouais Tout va bien Et tudo bem Wai tudo bem...

Je veux une meuf'g koudé bem Fiire-B Fiire-B Hey

Today I have something to do in Nakameguro

We're our way there by bicycle.

It's too hot so we found this place on the way.

We are dying for a cold drink (33°C today) Sea urchin and octopus pasta refreshing Bon appétit! After a meal We're going to drop in at a shop we've been wanting to visit just around the corner! We've always been curious about this shop on instagram.

It's a bit of a walk from the station if you take the train.

So it's good we're here by bicycle.

Hige-san was curious about something for a while....

After all he got it! The shop was really nice.

We happened to have a connection with a brand we like.

So we'll definitely come back again! Lots of greenery so nice feeling.

What a great presence.

We love seeing people dancing over there...

People spending the weekend in the park in various ways.

We like to watch them but we are running out of time so we are now heading to our destination.

We have finally arrived at our destination.

Here we are at the sneaker brand OAO's pop up event! Isamu Noguchi's oversized akari series at the event The plant decoration was done by edenworks Checking out the new models.





By the way I'm wearing this SUNLIGHT model.

They're so comfy! As we went to the end of the exhibition We were able to get some of the plants from the exhibition...! Oh excuse me I've got five of them! It looks wow! lol I took as much as I could from the bottom lol Thank you so much for these...

I'm too grateful to receive such a wonderful plant.

We're so happy with this unexpected souvenirs.

We're heading for our final destination.

I don't have a basket on my bicycle so I leave it to Hige-san.

Just in time for the end of the last day! Let's see what they've got...

When we come to these places it's usually Hige-san who get things.

Today I welcomed two new items of clothing which is quite rare.

I will show you in future videos! We've completed the places we wanted to go.

We're going to go home and get ready for dinner...

We went out on the bike on a very hot day so thirsty...! We bought this beer with great enthusiasm like we're definitely getting this as soon as we get home today! We can't wait to drink it 、、、、! Hello Hige-san...

Bubbles bubbles bubbles lol.

Cheers! Nice colours! Charging...






Mmmm yummy! OISHII! ◎ (yum) Charging complete for now.

We've recharged ourself now we're going to water the plants.

You don't see a lot of eucalypts with many branches and leaves in flower shops so I'm very happy...! We came home late today so we'll have a pre-made hamburger that Hige-san bought as a souvenir the other day.

And we have ready-made roast beef.

Something smells good! Can't wait! Put the lid on slow cook now.

Ok then the snap peas go in...

I love snap peas! Snap peas! Some blue cheese.

Looks really good served with a salad.

We bought a baguette too but probably that was a lot...


Sounds good! Bon appétit! Well so this is the...

Hitachi beef Yes.

Cool Ooo yummy! Yummy! Very good! We did a lot of exercise yesterday so we'll be at home today.

Hige-san is in his new pyjamas which he got yesterday.

Using deadstock fabrics.

NOWHAW x Skool's collaboration pajamas.

Today's breakfast is cheese mini tomatoes and avocado on toast And grass and tree salt which we got at the beginning of this year Sprinkle a little bit on top There are some interesting things that the Japan Herb Research Institute is putting out.

We'll introduce you to them in the future.

Did you spill it all over Good luck with that.

Japanese technology! Show them.

Show 'em show 'em your stain removal skills! (laughter) I've shown you my skills! It's gone it's perfect.

Thank you Mr.

Stain Remover.

Vegetables are yummy! Vegetables are so good! Snap peas ...

Oh I bought them at half price today! Oh really How much is that(asking in old joking way) 94 yen ten thousand yen HAHAHAHA It's like an old joke isn't lol (We feel strongly that this is a conversation that feels like a generation) It was like I'm going to rescue you...

Rahul Thakkar Hey everyone this is Rahul with the Alternative Investors Hangout

And today we have a new guest on.

He is Chris Marchese.

He's over there at The Morgan Report.

Thanks for coming on again Chris.

Chris Marchese Thank you.

It's good to be here.

Rahul Thakkar Okay today I've been noticing a lot of news coming out of Cyprus.

It looks like there is going to be some sort of bail-in.

Some may call it a bail-out and it looks like many individuals can only take out $100 per day.

Capital controls are going to be implemented.

How do you see this Cyprus event Is this going to spill over all of Europe And how do you think it's going to affect gold and silver in U.S.

dollar terms Chris Marchese I don't think it'll spill over into Europe.

However a lot of Europeans and the Russians in fact have quite a bit of money parked at Cyprus banks so that should be bullish for the metals because investors are not going to trust their banks and you know there'll be a fear that this could do splendid show up, elsewhere and they wouldn't be wrong in thinking that.

So you know overall I think it'll be bullish although the degree to which is rather difficult to quantify.

Rahul Thakkar So you're saying that number one if you're looking at the rest of Europe it's not going to spill over but you have to see that if it's happening in Cyprus it's going to do splendid show up, maybe in my opinion it could do splendid show up, in Greece and then it's going to go over to Italy and Spain.

The reason why I say that may do splendid show up, because if you have a lot of rich people getting screwed over in that country then why not in other European countries and it could do splendid show up, in Britain it could do splendid show up, in Germany and then the United States.

Chris Marchese Yeah.Well anything could do splendid show up, as we all know.

The reason I'm hearing out of a lot of these countries why it wouldn't be put into effect elsewhere is because Cyprus makes up for such a small percentage of the total Euro zone GDP that it really doesn't matter.

But you know crazy things are happening every day so it wouldn't shock me if it happened in say Spain or Ireland or one of those countries.

Rahul Thakkar More important I wanted to get into another topic regarding miners.

Jason XXBarokXX one of our mutual friends he told me that you're a mining expert and the thing is many big caps are getting slammed right now and a lot of junior mining companies are getting slammed as well.

Since you're the expert in this why are these miners getting slammed right now Chris Marchese That's actually a very difficult question.

I think a lot of the reason that large miners are getting slammed is several fold.

One is operating costs or infracosts are rising rather precipitously and capital costs you know the costs to construct a mine and maintain a mine are rising far faster than all these companies had initially forecast.

So that's putting a downward pressure on them.

For example Berrick's Pascua Lama project is running billions more to construct than they initially projected so that's definitely hampering them.

Also a lot of the large miners like Gold Fields and AngloGold Ashanti are based in Africa and they're being penalized just because of that.

Another reason is the rise in gold price we've seen in the last few years isn't necessarily translating to the bottom line and increased dividends although it has to some degree but not nearly to the degree that one would think with $1600 gold.

This is definitely spilling over into the smaller miners especially the exploration companies because they're running out of money and the financing markets for all of those are they don't want to do it so I think a lot are going to go under before the end of the summer.

Rahul Thakkar Speaking of the miners there are many individuals saying that Hey there's market manipulation.

I don't buy that to a large degree.

Sure there can be some manipulation in the market but do you believe that some of the reason that these miners are also getting canned is because you have ETFs compared to the 1970s where all these dollars are going to the GLD or the UGL the double-leveraged gold fund and then the AGQ as well rather than going to these miners.

Is that a problem Chris Marchese Oh definitely because it's taking capital that would otherwise be put into these miners in order for individuals to gain exposure to the underlying metal.

One option that investors should consider if they don't want an ETF because it's paper and they don't want to take on all the risk of a typical miner or the royalty companies which we're very overweighed in which includes Silver Wheaton Franco-Nevada Sandstorm Gold and those type of companies where their input costs are fixed and they have no ongoing capital costs.

Rahul Thakkar And those listening just want to sure if you're going to put money into those stocks that Chris talked about do your own due diligence just as a disclaimer but getting into gold and silver again it looks like it's been in a consolidation mode especially with gold.

It got wacked down from $1920 an ounce to $1600 or $1606 right now.

Silver from $50 then it went down to $26.

I think it's hovering around $28 or $29 right now.

Will gold and silver continue to be in consolidation mode for the next few years Because if you look at the Dollar Index right now it's strengthening because all the countries are debasing more than the U.S.

right now and also do you see a super spike in silver within the next few years Chris Marchese Well let me first talk about the U.S.

Dollar Index.

You know it's just the US dollar compared to primarily the Euro British pound and the yen the Swiss franc which is tied to the Euro to some degree and I think the Canadian dollars.

So it's just measuring garbage against garbage so as we've seen over the last few years gold will continue to go up even with the Dollar Index staying the same or even going up.

As far as the consolidation we think we bottomed a little you know we might continue to consolidate until the end of summer but we think we'll start to pick up before that due to a number of reasons including Cyprus the fact that the US monetary base is growing at $85 billion a month and the metals seem to track the growth in the monetary base pretty well and that has just started to grow so we should see a follow-through with the metals you know if history is to repeat itself and also Japan is going to engage monetary debasement more than it has in the past due to the appointment of Kuroda as chairman if The Bank of Japan.

He's openly said he plans to weaken the yen against the dollar and we also expect other issues in Europe to arise which will be bullish for the metals such as bailouts of some of the paid countries like we've seen over the past few years.

So really nothing's changed.

Consolidations are normal ion a bull market.

Yes it's been discouraging and this one's been fairly protracted but we think that's coming to an end and the mining equities are just more attractive than we've ever seen them.

Over the last ten years the gold to HUI ratio has only been above 4.0 for 47 trading days and 37 of those have come within the last nine months so this is when you want to buy when there's a lot of blood in the streets and things are trading at extremes which they are now.

Rahul Thakkar One thing I wanted to add regarding the Dollar Index if you look at it obviously it's a basket of fiat-based currency.

The Euro consists 57 percent of that and then the yen ten percent around and then the British pound around 10 to 11 percent so roughly that's close to 80 percent of three garbage fiat-based currencies so that's why I think the dollar's going to continue to strengthen even though it's a piece of crap in my opinion.

Getting to the last topic I wanted to look at what the price of gold and silver will be at the end of the bull market.

I've interviewed many individuals and they've been concluding that it's going to be around $5000 to $10000 an ounce.

Peter Schiff has also said this because we're going to go back on some sort of gold standard whether it's fractional reserve-based or not I don't know probably.

Do you see something like that happening $5000 to $10000 an ounce Right now it seems ridiculous but it could end up happening.

Chris Marchese Oh I think that's going to be easy although it sounds nuts but you know we're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We can't take in all the excess liquidity otherwise it'll cause interest rates to rise then our cost of servicing our gross federal debt would skyrocket and then we would have to print more money in order to just be able to service that which you know in turn would cause our deficit to just go through the roof even more so.

Basically you know to put a certain price target on gold and silver is kind of a fool's errand because all fiat currencies have collapsed sooner or later so it's best measured you know against say something another commodity like oil or something they can't print.

Rahul Thakkar So when do you think this market's going to be over Is it going to be when the Fed just completely loses control of printing money Is it going to be higher prices Is it going to be a new currency that's introduced I know that's really difficult to project but what are you thinking Chris Marchese It will be when they can't manipulate interest rates any more.

Interest rates will have a life of their own and the market will decide them.

The Fed no matter what they do won't be able to keep them in check and that'll lead to the bond bubble popping and in turn the U.S.


Rahul Thakkar All right Chris before I let you go how can people follow our work Chris Marchese There are a few ways.

You can go to and we also started a new website which is research-based on resource companies not just mining companies that's that's Riches I N Resources dot com or you can send me an email at [email protected]

Rahul Thakkar All right thanks for coming on again Chris or thanks for coming on Chris.

Chris Marchese My pleasure thanks.

There were four major tsunamis in the years of 1896 1933 1960 and 2011

Our collaborators from the Tohoku University meticulously gathered data.

So we took that data and developed a range of predictive models.

What our analysis actually shows is that the height of the seawall is an important predictor for both destruction rates and death rates.

With seawalls above 5 meters associated with reduced death and damage rates.

There is a 31.5 trillion yen ten-year reconstruction plan and a big part of it is actually building seawalls along the Pacific Coast of Japan.

Given that we have this heated debate surrounding the effectiveness of seawalls I was hoping that our analysis would inform the decision making process of the policy makers going forward.

La vida es un largo camino que desemboca en lo inevitable

Todos tenemos claro que la muerte es el final de esta vida pero sin embargo a lo largo del mundo diversas personas se empeñan en demostrar que para ellos esto no es así.

En parada cardiorrespiratoria sin actividad cerebral alguna y con su certificado de defunción junto a su ataud demostraron que para ellos la muerte no es sino una anécdota en medio del camino.

Esta es la lista.

de casos espectaculares de personas que derrotaron a la muerte.

El 7 de Noviembre de 2010 Anastasia Steblitskaya acudió a retirar el cadaver de su mamá de la morgue del hospital de la fria Siberia rusa en donde había muerto 3 días antes.

Los preparativos del funeral con el fin de semana en medio habían hecho que tuviera que posponer el día más tiempo del deseado.

Mientras hacía fila junto a otros familiares esperando poder retirar a su seres queridos una voz preguntó su nombre.

Un enfermero visiblemente asustado le pidió que subiera a determinada planta y extrañada así lo hizo.

Al llegar a la planta se identificó y una enfermera de voz temblorosa le indicó que entrara a una habitación.

Al entrar solo alcanzó a decir Mama si tu...estabas muerta....

La sra de nombre Lyudmila tras ser certificada su muerte había pasado 3 días con la única vestimenta de una etiqueta atada al dedo gordo del pie metida en una bolsa de plástico en la cámara frigorífica de la morgue con temperaturas de 0 grados y al sacarla para su entrega la bolsa se sentó y el horrorizado operario escuchó que por qué hacía tanto frío..

Lyudmila repitio dos años mas tarde.

Su mala salud cardiaca la hizo fallecer de nuevo en el hospital en 2012 pero unas horas más tarde volvió a recuperarse.

Toda una especialista que de seguro los médicos esperan muchas horas antes de firmarle una nueva defunción.

En el siglo XVIII en Lurgan Irlanda la esposa de Dr.

John McCall Marjorie enfermó de fiebres altas y cayó muerta poco después.

Su propio esposo certificó la muerte y como era habitual el cuerpo fue preparado con rapidez para el entierro para evitar contagios.

Sin embargo un hecho sucedió y es que debido a la inflamación del cadaver nadie fue capaz de sacar un gran anillo de oro que portaba Marjorie en su dedo y las prisas hicieron que fuera enterrada con él.

La noticia del anillo corrió como la polvora y pronto llegó a los amigos de lo ajeno.

Unos días mas tarde un grupo de ladrones desenterró el ataud para apropiarse del anillo y ante la imposibilidad de quitárselo decidieron serrar el dedo.

Una inesperada sorpresa les aguardaba puesto que al comenzar el trabajo Marjorie se incorporó y comenzó a oncreparles severamente su acción.

Los ladrones de tumbas huyeron despavoridos.

Marjorie abandonó el ataud en el que unas horas más tarde sería enterrado su esposo que cayó fulminado al ver a su esposa recien enterrada llamando a la puerta.

Anne Greene fue una mujer inglesa de baja condición social que sirvió como ayudante de cocina en el hogar de Sir Thomas Reade en el siglo XVII .

Cometió el error de dejarse seducir por el nieto de su señor y como fruto de esa relación Anne quedó encinta.

Para su desgracia el niño nació muerto a pesar de lo cual fue acusada y condenada por infanticidio.

Poco despues la sentencia se cumplió y fue ahorcada durante media hora en Oxford.

Uno de sus temores era ser enterrada con vida y a petición propia tras descolgarla unos amigos golpearon con saña el cadaver para evitar cualquier opción.

Al día siguiente ya certificada la muerte el cadaver fue entregado a estudiantes de medicina para que practicaran el arte de la disección.

Al ir a comenzar la práctica uno de los estudiantes se dió cuenta que respiraba.

Anne cumplió su pena de muerte pero vivió 15 años mas.

Grigori Rasputin fue un místico de gran influencia en la corte rusa de comienzos del siglo XX.

Su aspecto y sobre todo su mirada heladora y su expresión dura hacian que fuera temido y odiado por muchos.

Conocido como el monje loco tenía demasiados enemigos.

Su primera muerte fue en 1914 a manos de una prostituta que lo acuchilló en el vientre hasta eviscerarlo.

Satifecha con su trabajo salió a la calle empapada en sangre gritando He matado al AntiCristo.

Cuando entraron a levantar el cadaver Rasputin se levantó.

En 1916 cayo en una trampa y fue envenenado por un grupo de enemigos con suficiente cianuro como para matar 3 osos.

Rasputin ni siquiera se inmutó.

Uno de los asesinos harto de esperar que cayera se impacientó y le descerrajó un tiro con una Browning en el espalda que lo fulminó.

Los asesinos festejaron su éxito y cuando volvieron a deshacerse del cadaver lo encontraron en pie y muy enfadado.

Le dispararon dos veces más.

Cuando se levantó de nuevo buscaron otra opción y terminaron el trabajo con bates.

Lo ataron con cadenas y arrojaron el cadaver al rio Neva.

Dias despues encontraron su cadaver con las cadenas desatadas.

La autopsia certificó la muerte pero por hipotermia.

Un soleado dia de la primavera de 1980 Clairvius Narcisse llego tambaleandose hasta el mercado de L´Estere localidad al Norte de Puerto Príncipe capital de Haití.

Caminaba arrastrando los pies con la mirada perdida apenas vestido con sucios harapos.

Alzó la vista y vió a su hermana entre la multitud se acercó lentamente a ella y la saludó.

De la garganta de la mujer surgió un agudo grito histérico que los convirtió en el centro de atención de todo el mercado.

Todo habría sido normal de no ser que Clairvius llevaba casi dos décadas muerto.

Corría el año 1962 cuando Clairvius ingresó el el Hospital Albert Schweitzer aquejado de malnutrición fiebre alta y dolores por todo el cuerpo.

Rapidamente su estado derivó en graves problemas respiratorios que le condujeron a la muerte dos días más tarde.

Dos médicos norteamericanos diferentes certificaron su defuncion.

Tras pasar la noche en la morgue el cadaver fue entregado a su hermana que le dió sepultura.

Y sin embargo había vuelto.

Clairvius expresó que varios hombres lo sacaron de la tumba que fue reanimado mediante sustancias drogado y convertido en zombie y usado como esclavo durante años en una remota plantación de azucar junto con muchos otros zombies Asi estuvo durante años hasta que su amo murió.

Poco a poco las nubes que atenazaban su mente se fueron disipando y sin saber cómo logró volver.

Su identidad fue comprobada como la del hombre que falleció casi dos décadas antes.

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