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SymbolUFO Rank4865 Price USD0.0048 Market Cap USD0 24H volume USD51,700 Circulating Supply0 Total Supply3,850,751,262 Max Supply4,000,000,000 % last hour 36.62 % last 24 hours 66.037 % last seven days 61.10  


MetaMask Knows It Has a Critical Privacy Vulnerability, But Hasn't Fixed It MetaMask mobile app users risk leaking their IP address to hackers due to a major vulnerability. MetaMask is yet to fix the problem.
Physically unclonable functions taggant for universal steganographic prints | Scientific Reports Counterfeiting of financial cards and marketable securities is a major social problem globally. Electronic identification and image recognition are common anti-counterfeiting techniques, yet they can be overcome by understanding the corresponding algorithms and analysis methods. The present work describes a physically unclonable functions taggant, in an aqueous-soluble ink, based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering of discrete self-assemblies of Au nanoparticles. Using this stealth nanobeacon, we detected a fingerprint-type Raman spectroscopy signal that we clearly identified even on a business card with a pigment mask such as copper-phthalocyanine printed on it. Accordingly, we have overcome the reverse engineering problem that is otherwise inherent to analogous anti-counterfeiting techniques. One can readily tailor the ink to various information needs and application requirements. Our stealth nanobeacon printing will be particularly useful for steganography and provide a sensitive fingerprint for anti-counterfeiting.
Metaverse Leading the Gaming Revolution: Are NFTs Truly the Future of the Industry? Some call it the new tech boom, while others are wary of long-term implications. Regardless, the metaverse is quickly shaping into a phenomenon straight out of a science fiction novel. A virtual world that allows you to create customizable avatars, design and stake ownership of digital assets, or simply conduct business in a fantastical space. […]
Wyoming's digital assets law and how to use it Wyoming, a northwestern U.S. state with a population of approximately 580,000, the smallest among U.S. states, has since 2019 become a cryptocurrency…
The Crypto Regulation: Obscure Classification Flusters Regulators as Crypto Expands into Derivatives Markets Crypto regulation has long been a topic of debate in policymaking circles. As the white-hot market continues to soar in popularity and adaptation throughout the world, lawmakers in the United States are scouring common ground to comprehend the complex jargon and mechanism of the crypto sphere. Potential policies should be scrupulous yet inviting for the […]
The Bitcoin ETFs: An Instrument to be Reckoned With The tumbling bitcoin is hardly a piece of news anymore; the peaks and troughs are almost inherent to digital currencies. With tightening regulations and growing institutional skepticism, the bitcoin ETF was a revolutionary offering. Pent-up demand was awaiting an alternative passage to gain bitcoin exposure without actually owning one. Yet, two months down the line, […]
Unifying Cryptocurrency ESG Efforts Key to Boost Global Adoption Environmental and social impact is top of mind for investors as climate change and social cohesion top the list of Global Risks 2022. Cryptocurrencies provide both new opportunities and new challenges related to ESG across a diverse and often-fragmented ecosystem. To support the global efforts to accelerate the development and responsible use of cryptocurrency, the […]
Investing in the Crypto Sphere: A Guide for Beginners in 2022 The very fact that the crypto-sphere is hyped in today’s day and age shows that the world is increasingly going digital. Yet, the mainstream view is still predominantly associated with Bitcoin – the first and the most popular cryptocurrency. While it is benign to hold such a vantage point from a layman’s perspective, as an […]
Partner with an Ethereum Token Development Company and build your crypto venture There are various alternatives to conventional financial assets. Likewise, i


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