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- I remember when I was applying to medical school and the interviewer asked

Me I want to investigate the color yellow in butterfly wings would I fund it And I said Well I don't see the application of that so I probably wouldn't have funded it and he said Well you know studying the color yellow in butterfly wings gave us one of the leading cancer and autoimmune therapeutics.

- You have to be curious.

Forty years ago people who cared about coronavirus you know and how good that those people went on and investigated you don't know… you set it out what to investigate.

- So when I came to Penn I was interested in making vaccines using dendritic cells that I had studied and that's when I met Kati over a photocopy machine.

- And it was 1998 when he arrived to Penn.

And he mentioned that he was coming from Anthony Fauci's laboratory…didn't ring a bell.

This was a long time ago and Anthony Fauci was not in the television set.

Messenger RNA was discovered in 1961.

People usually did not see that this RNA can be useful for anything.

So I was insisting and persisting because every time we could see improvement.

- Kati came to me with RNA I came to her with the immune system and it was really like chocolate and peanut butter coming together and making a Reese's cup and it formed an enormous collaboration.

- You will see our personality is very different because I am very bubbling and he is quiet and considerate.

- We have completely opposite personalities.

Each of us taught each other what they knew and I think that was what was critical.

DNA represents our genetic code every single protein every single sequence that makes our bodies work RNA is the intermediate.

So in order for a cell to a protein an RNA makes a copy of a protein in the DNA it's essentially taking one page out of a journal photocopying it and then using it for something.

- And he realized that the mRNA is actually using inflammatory molecules.

And I was worried about that I might would more harm.

- Every week every month we would have new results that just surprised us that we couldn't explain and we didn't understand.

And then we spent years figuring out how RNA activates a dendritic cell and that finally led us to figure out how to the RNA noninflammatory and that's how we develop nucleoside modified mRNA.

It's now being used in the first two approved COVID-19 vaccines.

- Drew predicted that we will be invited to give talks and da da da…and did not happen.

Sometimes you know they don't want to change and use something a different method.

- Research that Kati and I did all along was considered superfluous people just had little to no interest in it.

We didn't give up.

We saw the potential of it we saw that it had enormous future impact and we were luckily right.

- Eventually other scientists did then try it and they were successful and then their publications drew attention to our publication.

- That's life.

I mean you never know where science is going to take you you never know is this experiment going to work.

You have to have confidence that what you're studying is important that it has the potential to be critically important and then you have to persevere and you have to stick with it.

♪ ♪ - Here is the most surprising part of the entire experience there is no one on the planet that has all of the code that goes in an automobile.

- Your car company these days is just an integrator putting together all these parts from different manufacturers.

It absolutely creates a security problem.

- It starts in late 2007 and Yoshi had been working on some really neat work.

- I think what has prepared me most for working in automotive security is all the work that I've done looking at security for other emerging technologies.

- And I said hey I bet there are similar kinds of security issues in all of these other kinds of devices.

- And automobiles were definitely one of those.

- So I think it was Stefan who cornered us and asked us Hey are you interested in trying to hack a car We're like sure.

- So the team at the University of Washington were PhD students at the time Karl Koscher Alexei Czeskis and Franziska Roesner.

As a team we called Karl the Car Whisperer.

- On the San Diego side Brian Cantor Danny Anderson Damon McCoy and then Steve Checkoway.

- Stefan approached me and his pitch was Let's buy a car and see what functionality in the car we can control.

- To my memory no one in the team knew anything specific about cars prior to us starting.

- I grew up in New York City I learned to drive when I was 28.

- And that involved a lot of research and figuring out like okay what is under computer control - So modern cars are almost completely computer-controlled everything from the door locks to the steering to the brakes.

- But they need to talk to each other because when you are hitting the brakes the stability control unit needs to know that you're hitting the brakes and the engine controller needs to know.

And rather than draw wires between all of them they started building networks in the cars that connected everything to each other.

- We landed on what was probably one of the most computerized cars at the time they were 2009 Chevy Impalas.

So our car was called Vlad the Impala.

There may have been a name for the UW car I don't remember.

- We couldn't top that name so we just settled on Emma.

- First there was a period in learning about automotive electronics and the history of it.

- We ordered the dealer service manual.

It's about you know this tall.

- We noticed really early on just how many messages were being sent back and forth between computers.

- And so what we did in the beginning because we really did not understand very much is we just plugged in and looked at the messages.

- And we listened.

And we did things like we'd press the brake pedal and we saw what message was sent and we turned on the lights and saw what message was sent.

And over the course of that process we were able to learn the language that the car spoke and then we started to develop the ability to speak that language ourself.

- The CD exploit was actually one of the things that took us the longest to figure out.

- We could take a normal piece of digital music… - Beethoven's Symphony No.


- …change it slightly it'll still play fine on your laptop but if you ever took that song and played it in our car it would take over the car.

- One of the other ways that we could get into the car was through OnStar service.

- It turns out that our car has an internal cell phone.

- We were able to call the phone in the car from anywhere in the world and play a specially crafted sequence of tones… - …that sounds kind of like a fax machine on steroids you know eee… - And then from there take control of the entire rest of the car.

- So one of the absolutely critical parts of this research was to understand and experiment with the vehicle in actually real driving situations.

- My first idea was using the I-5 express lanes here which are closed overnight but it turned out it was easier to acquire use of a decommissioned airport.

They still had the runway there… - Alexi Czeskis one of the students at the University of Washington volunteered to drive the car for these experiments.

- Decked out in his motorcycle safety gear… - …he was eager because I think we would not have asked anyone to do it.

There were a lot of lawyers involved.

- We had a number of safety precautions in place.

- Like fallback things to disable the vehicle if something went awry police escort the whole nine yards.

- Other team members were driving along beside him in a different car.

- I had my own laptop which was connected over Wi-Fi to the laptop in the car to sort of simulate a remote attacker.

- The brakes would get turned off or the brakes would get turned on and we would him skid… - It was kind of Mythbusters-y.

- When we first demonstrated this for the folks from GM we had the car outside the window and we called the car and then all of a sudden the car outside starts honking its horn and the windshield wipers are going the fluid is shooting up and they were convinced that there was an issue.

- GM started a whole product security organization and were hiring people like crazy to actually develop cybersecurity.

- The car that we used was a GM car but it was absolutely not a GM problem.

The way the whole automotive industry supply chain worked it was shared by all the manufacturers.

- And our goal was to help the world a better place.

- And I think that the work that we did while it had the largest impact in the automotive industry actually definitely was a wake up call for a number of other industries as well.

- I would actually a call for the research community to think about what are the other technologies that are incredibly integrated into our lives but they have not received the security analysis that we gave these automobiles.

And to think about what the risks might be with those technologies and how we can proactively secure those technologies as well so that they don't become a risk in the future.

- My careers master Mr.

Bescoby said Craig Jordan is an unusual young man.

- I saw that he was a unique individual.

- Capital letters A Very Unusual Young Man.

- He really understands the potential in people where other people don't.

- They said we had to learn what that meant.

The rest is history.

My name is Dr.


Craig Jordan.

I'm the living legend professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Most of the ground was laid when I was at grammar school before the age of 18 after my father had bought me a chemistry set one Christmas and I decided I wanted to convert my bedroom into a real chemistry laboratory.

Now I wanted to learn more and more chemistry it was as easy as that.

I focused all my career over the last 40 years in the discovery that we can use failed contraceptives that were available but they weren't going anywhere and I wanted to turn them into anti-cancer agents for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

How bad was it They couldn't find anybody in the whole country who would be willing to examine my PhD because it was useless.

One person Dr.

Arthur Walpole at a pharmaceutical company with a failed contraceptive that became tamoxifen that they didn't know what to do with agreed to be my examiner.

The discovery of what became SERMs selective estrogen receptor modulators all happened by accident.

We did an experiment because a man came from another department and he said We know estrogen is good for bones but I want you to develop a model for me in RACH of using anti-estrogens that makes bones rot away.

And we treated them with tamoxifen but we did the first experiment.

So he treated the animals for three months gave me the results and I said Are you sure you've not mixed up all of these groups This can't be true tamoxifen maintained bone density just like estrogen.

One compound can maintain bone density decrease heart attacks prevent osteoporosis decrease breast cancer stop it nearly dead in its tracks.

So scientifically we have been given the credit for that with prizes around the world.

- The environment in Dr.

Jordan's lab was actually very exciting because we were doing groundbreaking work in those days.

- The tamoxifen team is a family so you can go to all of the people in the tamoxifen team.

I have a newsletter and I put that out probably every other month and send it around to probably 50 or 60 people that are part of this group.

- I was lucky because Dr.

Jordan realized my potential and saw that I could be a great scientist.

- My mental the Nobel laureate Sir James Black said to me Invest in the young.

That was his most important thing.

That's what I do I invest in the young by investing in making sure they get the best degrees that they can.

- I've had a lot of mentors during my career but Dr.

Jordan really stands above all the others because he really has made me what I am today.

What I learned from Dr.

Jordan is to really realize that serendipity that occurs that when experiments don't occur the way you think that they're going to do that that's where the real discoveries come.

- Serendipity if I hadn't been asked to this new model of osteoporosis we wouldn't have any of this.

If I'd have stayed in Britain we wouldn't have any of this.

So there's some magic hand guiding all of this.

We may call it God or fate or serendipity.

♪ ♪

Oh please don't say anything

Please just keep it to yourself whatever-- Oh.

Thought you had an idea.

I do.

- We need to an app.

- Like for a Smartphone An app that all the people could download and then we millions.

It's just that 's hard to come up with man.

It's like catching lightning in a bottle.

I already got that.

You got what Lightning in a bottle.

Really what's the idea No no idea.

I got actual lightning in a bottle.

No Levi.

That's just a phrase.

I got that dog.

Lightning in a bottle.


That's crazy son.

Where'd you get that Some old Chinese man sold it to me years ago.

I mean that's some supernatural man.

Nah man.

All it does is this.

Oh ! Oh the lightning! Oh! I got it.

But seriously man.

Would it be like an app that reminds you when your favorite television shows are on No.

It--we got to address this crazy-ass bottle that you got.

What bottle what bottle The bottle with the lightning in it.

Are you still on that Yes.

How does it work Cedric I don't know.

It's the classic lightning in the bottle gag.

Classic li-- You just open it up-- Oh! Oh! Lightning in the house! Lightning in the room! Okay you know what - You shouldn't have this.

- What This --this belongs to the military or something.

But that app though.


We don't need the app.

You've got the goose that laid the golden egg.

How do you know about Honkers What This mother-- Honkers.

Get in on this app idea.

- You like it - He likes it.


He got a goddamn golden egg.

Honkers here is the cat's pajamas.

No please don't.


I want to show you something.

Whatever it is I don't want to see it.

- It's relevant.

- I already know what it is.

It ain't what you think.

Well what I think it is is a pair of cat's pajamas.


These are for Honkers to wear.

what The little neck in there.

The neck-- how you gonna fit his head through this--with the-- the orange pump .

I'm gonna have to ask you to leave my house.

Why Because you disrespected my roommate.



It's clear that this is a crazy house.

So I got to go.

You over here talking about geese and golden eggs and feline sleepwear.

- - Come on man.


You need to get off your high horse man.

Hey I just thought of a name for you.

♪ ♪ High horse.

THE GOLDEN GOOSE There was a man who had three sons the youngest of whom

Was called Dummling and was despised mocked and sneered at on every occasion.

It happened that the eldest wanted to go into the forest to hew wood and before he went his mother gave him a beautiful sweet cake and a bottle of wine in order that he might not suffer from hunger or thirst.

When he entered the forest he met a little grey-haired old man who bade him good day and said ‘Do give me a piece of cake out of your pocket and let me have a draught of your wine; I am so hungry and thirsty.’ But the clever son answered ‘If I give you my cake and wine I shall have none for myself; be off with you’ and he left the little man standing and went on.

But when he began to hew down a tree it was not long before he made a false stroke and the axe cut him in the arm so that he had to go home and have it bound up.

And this was the little grey man’s doing.

After this the second son went into the forest and his mother gave him like the eldest a cake and a bottle of wine.

The little old grey man met him likewise and asked him for a piece of cake and a drink of wine.

But the second son too said sensibly enough ‘What I give you will be taken away from myself; be off!’ and he left the little man standing and went on.

His punishment however was not delayed; when he had made a few blows at the tree he struck himself in the leg so that he had to be carried home.

Then Dummling said ‘Father do let me go and cut wood.’ The father answered ‘Your brothers have hurt themselves with it leave it alone you do not understand anything about it.’ But Dummling begged so long that at last he said ‘Just go then you will get wiser by hurting yourself.’ His mother gave him a cake made with water and baked in the cinders and with it a bottle of sour beer.

When he came to the forest the little old grey man met him likewise and greeting him said ‘Give me a piece of your cake and a drink out of your bottle; I am so hungry and thirsty.’ Dummling answered ‘I have only cinder-cake and sour beer; if that pleases you we will sit down and eat.’ So they sat down and when Dummling pulled out his cinder-cake it was a fine sweet cake and the sour beer had become good wine.

So they ate and drank and after that the little man said ‘Since you have a good heart and are willing to divide what you have I will give you good luck.

There stands an old tree cut it down and you will find something at the roots.’ Then the little man took leave of him.

Dummling went and cut down the tree and when it fell there was a goose sitting in the roots with feathers of pure gold.

He lifted her up and taking her with him went to an inn where he thought he would stay the night.

Now the host had three daughters who saw the goose and were curious to know what such a wonderful bird might be and would have liked to have one of its golden feathers.

The eldest thought ‘I shall soon find an opportunity of pulling out a feather’ and as soon as Dummling had gone out she seized the goose by the wing but her finger and hand remained sticking fast to it.

The second came soon afterwards thinking only of how she might get a feather for herself but she had scarcely touched her sister than she was held fast.

At last the third also came with the like intent and the others screamed out ‘Keep away; for goodness’ sake keep away!’ But she did not understand why she was to keep away.

‘The others are there’ she thought ‘I may as well be there too’ and ran to them; but as soon as she had touched her sister she remained sticking fast to her.

So they had to spend the night with the goose.

The next morning Dummling took the goose under his arm and set out without troubling himself about the three girls who were hanging on to it.

They were obliged to run after him continually now left now right wherever his legs took him.

In the middle of the fields the parson met them and when he saw the procession he said ‘For shame you good-for-nothing girls why are you running across the fields after this young man Is that seemly’ At the same time he seized the youngest by the hand in order to pull her away but as soon as he touched her he likewise stuck fast and was himself obliged to run behind.

Before long the sexton came by and saw his master the parson running behind three girls.

He was astonished at this and called out ‘Hi! your reverence whither away so quickly Do not forget that we have a christening today!’ and running after him he took him by the sleeve but was also held fast to it.

Whilst the five were trotting thus one behind the other two labourers came with their hoes from the fields; the parson called out to them and begged that they would set him and the sexton free.

But they had scarcely touched the sexton when they were held fast and now there were seven of them running behind Dummling and the goose.

Soon afterwards he came to a city where a king ruled who had a daughter who was so serious that no one could her laugh.

So he had put forth a decree that whosoever should be able to her laugh should marry her.

When Dummling heard this he went with his goose and all her train before the king’s daughter and as soon as she saw the seven people running on and on one behind the other she began to laugh quite loudly and as if she would never stop.

Thereupon Dummling asked to have her for his wife; but the king did not like the son-in-law and made all manner of excuses and said he must first produce a man who could drink a cellarful of wine.

Dummling thought of the little grey man who could certainly help him; so he went into the forest and in the same place where he had felled the tree he saw a man sitting who had a very sorrowful face.

Dummling asked him what he was taking to heart so sorely and he answered ‘I have such a great thirst and cannot quench it; cold water I cannot stand a barrel of wine I have just emptied but that to me is like a drop on a hot stone!’ ‘There I can help you’ said Dummling ‘just come with me and you shall be satisfied.’ He led him into the king’s cellar and the man bent over the huge barrels and drank and drank till his loins hurt and before the day was out he had emptied all the barrels.

Then Dummling asked once more for his bride but the king was vexed that such an ugly fellow whom everyone called Dummling should take away his daughter and he made a new condition; he must first find a man who could eat a whole mountain of bread.

Dummling did not think long but went straight into the forest where in the same place there sat a man who was tying up his body with a strap and making an awful face and saying ‘I have eaten a whole ovenful of rolls but what good is that when one has such a hunger as I My stomach remains empty and I must tie myself up if I am not to die of hunger.’ At this Dummling was glad and said ‘Get up and come with me; you shall eat yourself full.’ He led him to the king’s palace where all the flour in the whole Kingdom was collected and from it he caused a huge mountain of bread to be baked.

The man from the forest stood before it began to eat and by the end of one day the whole mountain had vanished.

Then Dummling for the third time asked for his bride; but the king again sought a way out and ordered a ship which could sail on land and on water.

‘As soon as you come sailing back in it’ said he ‘you shall have my daughter for wife.’ Dummling went straight into the forest and there sat the little grey man to whom he had given his cake.

When he heard what Dummling wanted he said ‘Since you have given me to eat and to drink I will give you the ship; and I do all this because you once were kind to me.’ Then he gave him the ship which could sail on land and water and when the king saw that he could no longer prevent him from having his daughter.

The wedding was celebrated and after the king’s death Dummling inherited his kingdom and lived for a long time contentedly with his wife.

THE GOLDEN GOOSE Once upon a time an old man and his wife had three sons

The first two sons were tall and handsome and the old man and his wife were always telling them how wonderful they were.

The third son was not very tall or handsome.

Nor was he very clever.

The family hardly ever called him by his proper name and instead they called him Simpleton.

One day the eldest son went into the forest to cut wood.

His mother gave him a basket which contained her best homemade cake and a bottle of juice.

While the boy was walking through the forest he met an old man.

The old man was hungry and thirsty and looking hungrily at the basket of food asked “Please dear boy would you be so kind as to share some of your food with this old man” But the boy replied “If I were to share my food with you I would have none left for myself.

Be off with you!” and he carried on walking leaving the old man behind.

The old man said nothing but silently put a curse on the boy so that when he was chopping a tree his axe fell and wounded his arm.

The next day it was the turn of the second son to go and chop wood in the forest.

Again the mother packed him a basket of food for lunch.

He hadn’t been in the forest long before he passed the same old man.

“Please” asked the old man “I’m very hungry and thirsty Would you share some of your lunch with me” “Pfft” answered the boy “what I give to you I lose for myself.” and he walked away.

Once more the old man said nothing.

But not long after the boy began to chop wood he dropped his axe and hurt his leg so badly he had to be carried home.

That was the work of the little old man.

As the two eldest brothers were at home recovering from their accidents the father spoke to the youngest son Simpleton.

“ There is no point in you being at home doing nothing when your brothers are too injured to work.

Get yourself into the forest and cut down some wood.

If you’re not too stupid of course” added the father slyly.

It was not very often that Simpleton was allowed into the forest to chop wood and he jumped at the chance.

His mother prepared him a basket of food just as she had for her other two sons.

But whereas the two oldest sons had been able to enjoy the finest cake and sweetest juice for Simpleton the mother packed an old burnt piece of cake and a bottle of water.

Nevertheless Simpleton set off for the forest without complaint.

Once in the forest the same old man asked Simpleton if he might share his food.

“I am hungry and thirsty” he said to the boy.

Simpleton was happy to share his food with the old man but warned him that the cake was burnt and that he only had water to drink.

“That doesn’t matter” answered the old man “I am just grateful for anything that you can give me” and the two of them ate happily together.

Once they had finished their meal the old man turned to Simpleton and said “You have been very kind to me and shared with me what little you had.

You have a good heart.

Because of that I will grant you good luck.

Over there stands a tree.

If you cut it down you will find something valuable among the roots.” Simpleton thanked the old man and continued on to the tree that he had pointed out.

He began chopping.

When he was finished he looked beneath the roots and found a goose with feathers of pure gold.

He picked the goose up and took it with him to an inn where he decided to stay the night.

He paid for his room with one of the gold feathers.

The innkeeper had three daughters and each one of them was curious about Simpleton and the golden goose.

Fancy! A goose with golden feathers! The sisters could not stop themselves from thinking about all the things they could buy with the golden feathers so each one of them decided to try and get her hands on the goose.

When Simpleton was fast asleep the eldest daughter crept quietly into his room.

She saw the golden goose resting in the corner of the room.

She reached out to touch the golden feathers.

But when she tried to move her hand away it was stuck fast! The girl could not think what to do so she decided to wait a while and hope that her hand would eventually become free.

So the girl sat on the floor and waited next to the goose whilst Simpleton snored in bed.

It wasn’t long before the girl fell asleep too.

Soon the door opened again and the middle sister crept in.

She saw her sleeping sister and tapped her on the shoulder to try and wake her.

But her hand stuck fast! A few hours passed and by now everyone was sleeping.

Simpleton in the bed the goose tucked up in the corner and the two sisters whose hands had still not become free.

The third sister came into the room hoping for her chance to steal the golden goose.

She was shocked to see her two sisters already in the room and fast asleep too! She stretched out her hand to wake the middle sister and find out what was going on.

To her surprise and horror she also found herself stuck fast! The three sisters had no choice but to spend the night beside the goose.

The next morning Simpleton awoke refreshed.

He picked up the golden goose and left the inn paying no attention whatsoever to the three sisters who were stuck hanging on to the bird.

The girls ran along in a line behind him swaying this way and that depending on the direction that Simpleton took.

Along the way they came across a priest.

The priest looked at the strange little group and thought to himself “my what a sight! What on earth are those girls doing running after that poor boy like that” He tried to stop the sister at the back of the line by putting his hand on her shoulder but when he tried to lift it again he discovered that it was stuck fast! The poor priest could see no other option than to run along behind the others.

A policeman saw the group go by and thought it was rather a strange sight.

“I must find out what is going on here” he said to himself.

So he blew his whistle and ran up to the group.

“Stop! Stop!” he panted as he reached them just managing to grab hold of the priest.

Of course the policeman too found himself stuck fast.

He joined the procession as they carried on down the road.

They hadn’t gone far when they passed a couple of workmen who had stopped for lunch.

“Help!” cried the policeman “the priest and I are stuck to this strange little group” he said indicating Simpleton with his goose and the three sisters.

“Could you please try and pull us free” The workmen grabbed hold of the policeman and pulled with all of their might.

Of course they could not pull neither him nor the priest free and they soon discovered that they were also stuck to the little group themselves.

The group of seven continued along the path until they arrived at atown.

On the edge of the town was the king’s palace.

The king had one daughter.

The daughter was very beautiful but she had such a sad face and nobody could ever her laugh.

The king had vowed that whoever could his daughter laugh should marry her.

When Simpleton heard this he went with his goose and approached the princess.

When the princess saw Simpleton and his goose with the strange little train of people all running behind she began to laugh.

Once she had started to laugh she could not stop.

Simpleton was sure that he would marry the princess.

After all he had made her laugh hadn’t he But the king looked at Simpleton and was not happy with the idea of him marrying his daughter.

He began to think of all sorts of excuses.

First of all he asked Simpleton to bring him a man that could drink a whole cellarful of wine.

Immediately Simpleton thought of the old man in the forest.

He was sure that he would help him.

So he went back to the spot where he had met him.

There he found a man who looked miserable.

“What’s wrong” asked Simpleton.

“I am just so thirsty” said the man “I am sure that I could drink for hours and still my thirst would not be satisfied.” “Then come with me” suggested Simpleton “I know just the thing that could help you.” So Simpleton took the man to the palace and sat him down next to a huge barrel.

The man tipped the barrel to his mouth and drank and drank without stopping.

When that barrel was finished he moved on to a new one.

And so he continued drinking without stopping until the cellar was empty and the day was almost over.

Simpleton was sure that now he would be allowed to marry the princess.

The king was not happy.

He still did not like the idea of Simpleton marrying his daughter.

So he told him to go out and find a man who would eat a whole mountain of bread.

Again Simpleton went back to the forest.

There he found a man who looked very unhappy.

“I have just eaten a whole ovenful of loaves but what good is that when I still feel hungry” said the man.

“Come with me” replied Simpleton.

“I know a way that will help you satisfy your hunger.” Simpleton led the man to the king who had organised for all the bread in the town to be rounded up and brought to the palace.

There was now a huge mountain of bread sitting waiting to be eaten.

The man from the forest sat down and began to munch his way through the loaves.

In one day he had finished all the loaves.

For his next task the king told Simpleton to bring him a ship that would sail on both land and water.

“If you can really sail such a ship” he said “then you may marry my daughter.” Simpleton went into the forest and there sat the old man with whom he had shared his lunch on the very first day.

“I have drunk for you and I have eaten for you” said the old man “and I will also give you the ship because you were so kind to me.” Then he gave Simpleton a ship that was able to sail on both land and water.

Simpleton rushed back to the palace with it and showed it to the king.

Upon seeing the ship the king knew that he would no longer be able to come up with any more excuses to stop Simpleton from marrying his daughter.

So Simpleton and the princess were married.

Simpleton made the princess happy and her laughter could often be heard around the palace.

They lived together happily and over the years Simpleton and his princess had several children.

The walls of the palace were full of love and laughter.

hey YouTube its SJ and I am back with a Golden Goose sneaker unboxing of

The superstar let's get to it hey YouTube SJ here and today we're gonna unbox some Golden Goose superstars yes the box is here yes it's already open we've had quite a few deliveries and because these went to mr.

B's work we weren't sure who they were for so we just opened it but I haven't had a proper look at these yet cut a long story short I had a voucher for Net-a-Porter which I had to spend before it ran out and luckily for me golden goose that I liked went on sale here they are here they are lets get to it lets get to it just get to it I feel a bit out of practice on these so this may not be my best unboxing but hey love Net-a-Porters packaging so much because it's on sale you don't get the nice big black box but a ribbon will do I probably still wont be able to undo it anyway but lets give it a go these I've spoken about them before they are a luxe Italian brand high on the price level I have to say which is why I always pick them up on sale because they're just super pricey you do get if you've seen my other Golden Goose video you do get this little bag and wait look at these you're picking these up on sneaker can mr.

B I'm sort of getting a vague nod with the head there these are the golden goose superstar and the superstar has inside let me get them both out rustle rustle rustle out the way because I know Mr B moans when I have the box out but the superstar has a concealed little wedge inside you probably cannot tell just by looking at the shoe that there is a wedge in there but it is only about this much if that it's just ever so slightly raised at the back so it just gives you that little bit of extra height now have these are so nice I'm not sure what the color is looking like on camera but these if you can get it it's a real sort of an olivey bronze green that's how I described it and it's satin so this is all distressed satin and it's also combined with suede paneling along here and then you've got the patent leather at the back so these oh my word they are so nice color as I said it is green but it does look more like a golden bronze yeah I'm well pleased with these so these were originally over I think I'm a 320 pounds and I got them on sale 50% off as I said I did have a voucher to spend so I didn't actually pay much my own cash towards these but I'm glad I got them this is my third pair of golden goose now what's special about these is that they are made in Italy but they are hand finished so all of this distressing around the toe box around the back here and on the heel you can see that's that's already scuffed that is all done by hand which is why they have such a hefty price tag another thing that's slightly different to some of my other Golden Goose shoes and I'm not sure it has to be you can pick this up is that that the sort of the tongue has this sort of almost like toweling material inside and these have been laced ever so slightly differently to other golden goose that I have and the lacing goes behind the tongue bit weird I think the tongue itself is actually fatter than my normal golden goose they are nice they so nice sorry I'm just I'm just admiring oh yeah these are really really nice shoes so because they sat in it's not the most practical pickup by note that I tend to wear golden goose and I go out I've discovered recently I cant wear heels on a night out anymore for like six hours a time so I'm gonna be wearing these to jazz up any outfit on a night out I've got to say I wouldnt paid full price for these that's just too much for a pair of satin sneakers but at 50% off these are a pretty good pick up I mean the detail round here is just really nice and that paint leather is as mr.

B would say we premium but these are gonna get worn so much come spring and summer now I know this color isn't gonna be to everybody's taste and probably won't go with everything but you know what it's like I had to spend that voucher and it was like I actually really like these and I have to say they do look a lot nicer in the flesh than they even did online yeah there are know quite a few of you guys have asked the questions about my previous Golden Goose and I'll try to a few of those questions now do these fit true to size yes they do if anything they may be a tad tiny tiny tiny bit on the generous side these are a 39 and which is different sizes I'm guessing this will be a u.s.

eight and a half I think these are a UK six but yeah they are true to size and a little bit on the generous side as well and I think that's mainly because of the wedge at the back my three pairs of Golden Goose are all superstars so I don't know whether the others fit ever so slightly differently but yeah 39 UK six and the other thing is few of you have asked about how they wear down though this is quite gonna be quite an interesting one because my other two pairs are quite old and they've worn really well a couple of you have said that you've bought pairs recently and that they have worn really really quickly so I don't know whether the quality has gone down over the last 18 months or so so these would be a real test but as you can see these shoes really they're not an everyday to sneaker come on you know at the price point unless you're loaded which I'm not these are not the sort of sneakers that you're gonna wear and pound streets every day these are an occasional sneaker so you know I do wear mine and I wear them a lot but I'm not wearing them every day and walking miles and miles and miles in them so I think that's one thing to bear in mind when you buy these as well they're not gonna have the the robustness of a true sneaker this is very much a fashion sneaker brand people but out of all the fashion brands particularly designer brands doing sneakers like Gucci and and Saint Laurent these are so much nicer personally you know the Gucci ones have a huge price tag still more expensive than these and they've really mass manufactured at least you're paying a price tag for something that is hand-finished yeah I'm rambling a bit I haven't done one of these videos for awhile and I must say it feels good to be back in front of the camera and I'm kind of thinking what do I say you know I like the sneakers I don't know what else guys I know this isn't my best video you know I need to get back into the swing of it but if you like what we normally do on the channel which is a lot better than this unboxing give us the old thumbs up hit the old subscribe button somewhere here here here somewhere and don't forget to join us on Sundays for streaming Sundays which is at 8 p.m.

GMT 12 p.m.

Pacific time every p.m.

if you're over on that there East Coast we love to see you and chat with you on the old Olight stream so that is pretty much it for me on this one leave us your comments asked me any questions about golden goose I feel I'm becoming a little bit just a little bit of a Golden Goose expert over in out guys

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