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-It is time for Tonight Showbotics

♪ Tonight Showbotics ♪ ♪ Tonight Showbotics yeah ♪ -Now we here at the show love technology and we always love showing you the latest thing and tonight we have something really incredible.

So please welcome Boston Dynamics CEO Robert Playter and his robot Spot.

♪♪ -Welcome Robert.

-Hey Jimmy.

-Good to see you Robert.

-Thanks for having us.

-Thanks for being here.

This is Spot.

-Wow this is unbelievable.

Robert thank you for being here.

-My pleasure.


We're friends right Okay.

-Yeah everybody's friend.

He's everybody's friend.

-What -- What exactly is Spot -Well Spot is a walking robot.

We wanted to build a robot that could go anywhere a person could go.


-And you can't beat legs.


-And so we built Spot.

-This is unbelie-- This is unbelievable.

Are these things for sale -Absolutely.

-What can it do Say I buy this thing what would it do -You mean what's its day job -Yeah what does it do duri-- Yeah what does it do yeah -Well it's an inspector.

So Spot goes into dangerous places where people don't want to go -- nuclear power plants electric utilities -- and does inspections and making sure that the equipment is running well.

-That's unbelievable.

What does -- What does -- What does -- What does this do like the head -Well so we made Spot as a platform.

You can attach lots of equipment...

...including the arm and the head.

And you know when you're going around a lot of times you run into doors you need an arm to open a door and that's one of the great things for the arm.

-This is unbelievable.

-You can pick stuff up.

But you know -- -I got you.

Wow wow wow.


This is -- -But we've also recently learned some new tricks.

Would you like to see them -I would like to see a new trick yeah.

-Well we've been working on our bartending skills.


-So they're still in development here.


-But you know you can't -- We're always exploring jobs that Spot could be doing.

So he's gonna pour you a beer here.

-This is the first time.


With robotic precision.

♪♪ Hey you gotta tilt that glass.

-All right.

Not bad.

That robot got a good laugh right there.

Now do I need -- do you need special training to operate one of these -Oh no it's super easy because Spot takes care of all the details.

You basically just have to tell Spot which direction to go.

Would you like to give it a try -Yeah I would.

I would like to try this thing out.

-All right all right.

-And you trust me with this -Oh I totally trust you because I trust Spot.

Spot will handle it.


-So there's two joysticks on this device.

The one on the left basically is telling Spot to go forward or back...


-...or side to side.

So why don't you give it a try -It's almost like a -- It looks like a Nintendo Switch or something.

-There you go.

Yeah just go ahead go ahead.

Go ahead.

And then the other side to side.

So legs let you move in any direction -- omnidirectional.

And that other one lets him turn around a little bit.

The one on the right.

-This one -Yeah that'll turn him left and right.

There you go.


Can it go -- Can it go up the stairs -Absolutely.

Let's go up the stairs.

-Here he comes guys! ♪♪ Yeah! Yes! I love this! Wow.

How long -- Can it its way over to -- Can it its way over to the desk -I'm sure it can handle these steps.

These are easy compared to that.

-I would like this to be my first robot guest.

-All right let's -- let's go.

♪♪ Wow.

-Robert how -- This is so wild.

Robert how long have you worked at Boston Dynamics -30 years.

-30 years.


-On just Spot -No I mean we've done a whole host of things a bunch of different robots.

But this is the first one we've productized.



Hi Spot.

This is your first time being interviewed on a talk show.

Oh it is.

We're excited to have you.

Are you -- Have you ever -- You've never been on a talk show right No.

Now Spot I heard that you've brought some friends with you.

Is this true Robert -Oh yeah.

So -- We teamed up with BTS to put together a special dance show that we would like to show you tonight.

-I love BTS.

I've been waiting for this moment.

Ladies and gentlemen here's Spots dancing to BTS's IONIQ I'm on it.

♪♪ -♪ IONIQ IONIQ ♪ ♪ IONIQ IONIQ ♪ ♪ IONIQ IONIQ ♪ ♪ When I look into your eyes ♪ ♪ All I see is you filling my mind ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Though I bump into something ♪ ♪ New possibility ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Full energy higher esteem ♪ ♪ Better focus on what's charging me ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ I'm on it ♪ ♪ Chasing my chance ♪ ♪ On it on it ♪ ♪ IONIQ ♪ ♪ Takes me there ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ Show you the way ♪ ♪ IONIQ IONIQ ♪ ♪ IONIQ IONIQ ♪ ♪ IONIQ IONIQ ♪ Yeah.

♪♪ -My thanks to Boston Dynamics CEO Robert Playter and the incredible Spots! Stick around.

We'll be right back with Liam Neeson everybody.

Well that's...

I've seen everything now.

That was amazing! ♪♪

I used to teach at a Korean hagwon

A hagwon is a private Korean school.

We were being watched 24/7.

CCTV was everywhere in every classroom and every hallway.

I also think that there was audio.

We couldn’t speak freely about anything negative that was happening.

I felt very uncomfortable around my assistant director.

He had brushed up against me a few times.

He touched my butt a few times.

You start to think like not necessarily being suicidal but what do I do “Midnight running” is a term specifically for Korea for English teachers who are in similar positions that I was in who their bosses are breaking laws or breaking rules or treating them horribly whether it be racism sexual assault.

It is for people who their last resort is leaving and not telling anyone.

I wanted to teach at a hagwon originally because my cousin has lived in Korea for over six years.

Teaching or working with children rather was more of my passion.

Working at a hagwon turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life.

The children definitely are overworked.

I was teaching them mostly English but also illegally was teaching them ballet.

There were not enough people working in the school teaching.

I was watching multiple classrooms like three at a time almost with four-year-olds you know very young kids.

Kids are jumping on tables.

And one kid actually tried to like jokingly throw himself through a window.

It’s just complete madness.

The Korean teachers would have far less breaks than the foreign teachers.

They were way more overworked.

I’ve seen teachers running through the school not sitting down for like eight hours a day.

I’ve seen many of them cry.

One of them would be in tears because my director just yelled at her.

And I can’t even go over there to hug her or console her because I will get yelled at not to talk to her.

It was a very hostile environment.

The most shocking thing that I saw was how the teachers were treated.

Within the first three days of being there I saw my director yell at a Korean teacher and call her stupid multiple times in a row in Korean.

I only knew a few Korean words but I knew that one.

And I think that is the first time where I realized “Oh what did I get myself into” I felt...

very uncomfortable around my assistant director.

He had brushed up against me a few times.

He touched my butt a few times and he got very close to me.

And it was just me and him in the break room and I was like “No I’m good.

Please get away from me.” I wanted to tell my director because I knew that that was a big deal and especially with hearing other instances of him touching my co-workers.

And also I felt she would be understanding.

She did not care that he’d done that.

She basically wrote it off as not being a big deal which was very upsetting because I thought even maybe as a woman she’d understand that.

My co-worker found porn on my assistant director’s computer.

It was in a folder on his desktop so all you had to do was open that folder and you would see them.

And there were children around.

He teaches children.

I just found it incredibly repulsive.

My co-worker did report it to my director but as usual nothing came of it and she shrugged it off.

This shows you the lengths that this woman is willing to go through to keep her business afloat that she does not want to fire someone that is looking at porn and sexually harassing her employees.

My breaking point was when I was exposed to COVID and the school lied to our faces about it.

I had to be in quarantine and my director flew to Jeju when she knew she’d been exposed.

They lied to my face multiple times.

They lied by omission multiple times.

It was completely beyond upsetting and I was definitely not OK and I was very depressed.

Do I need to midnight run Do I need to leave and tell no one and speak of it nowhere and just get a ticket and run There’s all these thoughts going through my head of what should I do next But I couldn’t do anything because I’m stuck in a room.

It was a feeling of just hopeless and being powerless and not feeling like I could do anything.

I would have done it if she didn’t try to fire me and give me a way out.

My director told me “Hey you don’t follow me you don’t follow me” which I believe she meant “You don’t do what I want all the time so I don’t like you.” And she said “OK so you’re just going to have to go.” The experience was definitely traumatizing.

Being treated like that by people who clearly do not care about you as a person they only care about the money that you them was horrible.

A lot of hagwons are like the school that I worked for.

If not I’ve heard worse stories.

This is not rare.

Medellin Colombia a city made famous by one man the drug baron Pablo Escobar

For over a decade he ruled these streets through extreme violence in the 90s shootings car bombings and random murders made it by far the most dangerous city in the world Escobar is long dead but the years of choas have left the darkness in Medillin's soul I have been following Colombia's drug wars for 15 years that time most of the violence has moved to Mexico but this city is still suffering from its narco legacy For years the easy cash of the drug trade has fuelled a huge sex industry even the taxi drivers are in on i t They say here if you put a roof on Medellin it would the largest brothel in the world this is Medellin's red-light district Daniella has been walking these streets for five years since she was 11 Prostitution is legal here but the age of consent is 18 But some visitors are unsatisfied with just young girls Pablo Escobar famously likes sleeping with virgins now for a premium price sex tourists can do the same as the drug trade fell away the gangs are that controlled these barrios look for a fresh source of income this shocking new trade means mothers all across Medellin live in fear Her daughter is just 11 years old But her mother says the gangs already have plans for her This is not the image of Medellin the authorities want to promote they have spent millions cleaning up the city attracting visitors and trying to show it has moved on from the past The mayor told me that they had reports of virgins being sold but had not investigated - so local people have taken matters into their own hands this graffiti says it is not a rumor there are buying and selling girls for sexual exploitation 'they' means the gangs The gangs control everything in the barrios including the trade in virgins For weeks I've been trying to persuade them to talk they finally agreed but only if we don't reveal their identities these men are part of the city's main gang they inherited Pablo Escobar's Empire - they control these streets - their business is drugs extortion and the sex trade tonight they're keen to show me how easy it is for them to find new virgins Medellin is less violent than it used to be but still the life expectancy of these gang members is not high they feel they have nothing to lose they spoke to young girls and start talking to them - they invite them to a party a couple of minutes later the girls give them their phone numbers - it was incredible to see how the gang members stopped to 14 year old girls and groomed them in ten minutes they got their phone numbers and possibly in a couple of days they will call they will take them out shopping buy them a mobile phone in a week or two those two girls miss all those virgins half an hour later I meet up with the gang members In these men's violent and cynical world the two young girls were nothing more than a way to money - I wanted to know what kind of man would come to Colombia to have sex with girls this young Paul Brailsford is the only Britain convicted of having sex with children here in Colombia in 2011 he was arrested in a hotel room with child pornography and accused of sleeping with two girls aged 12 and 14 - he didn't have a gang to groom the virgins for him he did it himself - he's now spending 20 years in prison I managed to get him to agree to an interview from inside the jail we know the sentence and you know and the charges the were put against against you what do you have to say about that well basically I'm still fighting to get out I'm innocent yes you're innocent you didn't abuse oh no no no unfortunately here there are many underage hookers yes okay and I got caught in a sting I thought they were older yeah yeah a problem there were 12 years 12 years old one and the other one 14 and a half yeah okay both tall yeah yes tall as you yeah very well-endowed yeah yes so you thought were they were over 18 yes I thought old enough no problem what he didn't know is that the day before I had gone to see one of the girls he was convicted of abusing the legal age of consent in Colombia is 18 Naomi is now 16 years old - when Paul Brailsford slept with her she was just 12 she told me she was not a prostitute that he groomed her after seeing her on the beach and then abused her over several months I mean she's 16 now and for me she doesn't look 18 - still so if I think back and three and a half years ago when she was 12 would she have looked...

this is your opinion yeah okay no problem yeah so you didn't think she was 12 no your opinion my opinion yeah So you didn't so you didn't think she was 12 your opinion my opinion and that was it yes and do you have anything to tell them do I have anything to tell them yeah if you had them in front of you Gloria and her two daughters what will tell them - i don't know - close it down close it down now close it Paul Brailsford is one of just three foreigners in jail in Colombia for these crimes Upi don't have anything to say to 12 year old girl that you abused and the 14 year old girl that you abused with the authorities failing to confront this growing trade it is left to mothers like mothers to fight for their daughter's futures Medellin might be a safer place for tourists nowadays but not for young girls growing up in the barrios among the gangs who are exploiting their innocence for profit Guillermo Galdos Channel 4 News in Medellin.

So this is the session to learn about the computer  science and cyber security

Programs in the LANE   Department of Computer Science and Electrical  Engineering at West Virginia University.   My name is Brian Powell.

I am a computer  science professor here in the department   and I'm joined by Dr.

Tom Devine.

But Tom teaches  some computer science stuff but also in our cyber   security program.

And we have a current student  in our department Miriam.

So Miriam is a double   major in electrical engineering and computer  engineering which with that double major   especially the computer engineering side overlaps  a good bit with our CS program.

So before we go   ahead and get started I guess just want to quickly  check in if anybody had any questions or anything.   If you do have any questions throughout  go ahead and please feel free to chat   and one of us will try to either respond back to  you via chat or we'll try to talk about it here.

So kind of just to give you a little bit  of an introduction our department here   computer science electrical engineering  brings together a variety of related   disciplines.

So basically what we're dealing  deals with computers and electrical things.

Our   core as you kind of guess from the name is  computer science and electrical engineering   but there's a lot of other pieces that fit  in with it.

Computer engineering is kind of   in between computer science which is  software and electrical engineering which is   all hardware.

Computer engineering is basically  computer hardware.

We also have a new cyber   security program that we'll be talking about here  during the session and then we also have a program   that deals with biometrics.

So pretty much any  sort of technology that you're seeing today   it has something to do with stuff that we do here  in CSEE.

You know if you go through and drive a   car there's a computer inside that car that goes  and controls stuff.

Even a lot of light switches   nowadays I've got some ones at home that are  wirelessly controllable they've got computers   inside of them.

To going through and taking a look  at solutions for solar and wind energy and being   able to produce that and be able to distribute  that to getting into robotics.

Just about   anything that you're dealing with nowadays has  computer or electrical components in it in some   fashion or another and that's the type of stuff  that we deal with here in the LANE department.   So in terms of you know who exactly  makes up the LANE department   there's about 30 faculty members here in  our program and five of the faculty members   that we have are recipients of the national  science foundation's career awards.

These   are very prestigious awards that are given out  to young faculty in recognition of the strong   research and productivity that they've shown  in their first years as faculty and with the   expectation and it's funding to help them go  through and support the rest of their career   as they go through and develop and launch their  research programs.

Five of our faculty members are   also fellows of the IEEE which is a professional  society for people in computer science and   electrical engineering.

IEEE is an international  organization covers the entire world.   To be a fellow in the IEEE you have to have made  significant contributions that are recognized   by people working in academia and industry  to the field that you actually specialize in.   So having five people in the fellows program in  IEEE is pretty significant.

We have faculty in   the department that cover all sorts of different  programs and specialty areas within those.

So   we have people who go through and work with stuff  like biometrics going through and doing computer   vision type things being able to go through  and detect faces and things in video and stuff   like that.

People who do software engineering and  cyber security.

I do some work with data analytics   with people who go through and develop cell  phone technology being able to actually go   through and effectively and efficiently  communicate data over the radio waves.   Lots of people in our department who are  well respected in their different fields.   So in addition to our 30 faculty we have about  480 undergraduate students and that would be   people who are at WVU sophomores juniors and  seniors.

You get accepted into the department   normally as a sophomore.

You're in the freshman  engineering program as part of the first year.   We are on WVU's Evansdale campus in Morgantown.  Right now I'm actually sitting in my office in   the Advanced Engineering Research Building which  is about four years old.

It's a new building here   on campus.

We also have some facilities in  other buildings here on Evansdale campus and   a little bit downtown.

But you know being in  new buildings we have nice new facilities that   we're able to go through and teach our classes  in and our labs and and conduct research in.   So now that you've kind of heard little spiel  about the introduction to the department   I'm going to talk a little bit about computer  science because that's the field that I'm in.   So basically computer science is where we go  through and develop technology and write code   to go through and control what computers  do.

There's a lot of different specialties   inside of computer science depending on what  you're interested in.

You know a lot of people   go and get computer science degrees because  they want to go and be software developers but   if you're interested in going through in research  or you're interested in specializing as a software   developer you can go through and take  a look at things like computer vision   where you're going through and trying to as you  can kind of see with our graphic down here go   through and find faces and things.

We have courses  in going through and doing game development   if you want to go through and write computer  games or go through virtual reality technology.

Security especially cyber security is a growing  field.

In fact up until recently cyber security   was actually part of our computer science degree.  It's only pretty within about the last two years   that it's become its own separate degree  program.

We also have people who go through   and work with data analytics.

Big data  has become really a huge growth area   with being able to gather all the information that  we get from the internet just there's mounds of   data.

And if we can go through and analyze that  there's a lot of important trends and things   that we can go through and identify.

That's a big  part of what we do in computer science nowadays.   Software engineering also is an important area  and that really gets to reliable software design.   So actually one of the things that our  software engineering program does here   is it works with NASA's IV and V facility  that's in the area to go through and help   sure that the software that NASA goes  and sends on its robots out into space   actually is properly designed and is going to work  as intended when we go and send things to Mars.

Computer science is a really high growth area  for jobs really pretty much everything in   our department is.

But there's plenty of  job opportunities with computer science.   Pretty much if there's any part of the country or  any part of the world that you want to live in   with a CS degree you can go find a high paying  job there.

There's a lot of opportunities here   locally as well if you're from West Virginia  or from the region if you want to stay nearby   there's plenty of companies that are  going to go and hire you here too   and we'll talk about them a little bit  more at the end.

But as you can see here   there are millions of jobs within the field and  there's some pretty nice salaries coming out here   for people who are going through and working in  these areas.

And it's really it's a growth area.   You're always going to need computer programmers  you're always going to need people to go through   and do the research in computer technology  because that's what really powers our future.   So with that I'm going to hand it off to Tom  here to talk a little bit about cyber security.

Thanks Brian.

Can I get can I get people to  type in the chat and see where everybody's from   I feel very impersonal looking at the computer  screen it's nice to actually hear from some   people.

We got somebody from Maryland out there  Lancaster hey my wife's from Harrisburg.

Got some   Delaware's okay no West Virginians.

And there's  a Morgantown there's a couple okay excellent   excellent.

So it's my honor and pleasure to be  here to talk to you guys today about some cyber   security opportunities that are going on right  now here at WVU and in the country in general.   So cyber security in case you're wondering  it's one of the fastest growing fields that we   have right now.

And everyone that I talked to in  industry we just had a guest speaker come for our   cyber WVU club from the department of defense  and one of the things that they all say when I   talk to these people is that there's a massive  demand for trained cyber security professionals.   And one of the problems that they have with  people who get into cyber security so this is   what this means in general is just it's like a  conglomerate.

It's any time that we're trying to   secure a protected system or protect a system from  an external attacker or from an inside attacker as   well that's a big threat.

So I mean I'm sure  you guys have gotten phishing and spam emails   right Everybody's probably been subject to some  exposure where companies leaked their credential   information.

So in the cyber security department  we're trying to train professionals to handle   these events and to sure this kind of stuff  doesn't do splendid show up, and to try and protect some of the   the infrastructure of the country or any of the  cyber systems.

So what they say and what this   gentleman was talking about is there's this huge  gap.

We have so many jobs that are open right now   and the amount of people that are qualified  to fill them are very very few.

So we really   really need more cyber security professionals.  This is the kind of field if you go into this   I mean it's difficult it's hard because you're  trying to patch all the possible holes right and   an attacker just needs one tiny kink in the armor  to be able to get through.

So it's a tough job   but if you do it and you become qualified  you got job security basically for life.   These jobs aren't going anywhere.

They  they're well-paying and and there's   such a demand right now because there's so  like we're in a current state of warfare   with other countries with groups within our own  country of people trying to steal information   or hijack resources.

So what we need are people  to help us fight this battle that are trained   and are actually able to do this stuff.

Some  of the the job titles you might see there   are potential things you could do with a cyber  security degree.

I have a former student who's   a penetration tester.

So penetration testing  is we call it red team blue team and the   red team tries to attack and enter the system.

So  they'll they will actively try to hack and also   physically try to gain entrance to a system like  print fake badges and try to walk into a place   carry a ladder and people will just  let you into secure areas.

But also   you know trying to penetrate their systems  remotely.

So one of the things that we do   speaking of pen testing is a max CDC competition  with our cyber WVU club.

And this competition was   remote this year which is unfortunate but we'll  set up machines pre-built machines and then the   collegiate team right our students have to act  like the blue team and they're trying to defend   this system that they're put into while they're  constantly being attacked by professional red   team penetration testers who will do things like  put pop-up windows and talk smack on them in the   middle of their sessions while you're trying to  like kick everybody out and shut everything down.   It's a pretty intense competition and we just did  that a couple weekends ago it was a lot of fun.   Other big jobs in the area we have so I mean even  like in West Virginia there are as of today 1138   job openings in cyber security.

These are open  positions waiting for people to fill them.   We had some people Pennsylvania's got 16000  open positions right now.

Maryland has 22000   open positions right now.

There's just so many  jobs available doing so many different things   that we really need qualified people  and one of the problems that we get   is that people will enter the industry or I hear  this from industry people and they'll have some   knowledge and they'll have some certifications  but they don't actually know what they're doing.   So they say that they're certified but not  qualified.

So at WVU we focus on making qualified   and certified cyber security professionals.  That means we do a lot of hands-on training   right.

So we get your fingers dirty on the  keyboard we do password cracking buffer overflow   attacks sequel injections cross-site scripting.  We do all kinds of different attacks and defenses   setting up systems and writing and actually  developing secure software that you know   we want you to be ready when you graduate to  be able to be you know a productive member   of the cyber security force.

I  can literally talk about this   for like five hours so I don't know how much  I should say here.

How much time do we have We've got about another 15 minutes  here before we need to wrap up.

Okay well just tell me when to shut up and I'll  just go until then.

So some of the opportunities   that we're working with right now WVU has  a really strong relationship with NASA   Brian mentioned that.

So one of the things that I  have some undergrad students working on right now   is a reverse engineering executable byte code to  see if we can find cyber security vulnerabilities   that are hidden inside of it.

So the idea  is that and NASA asked for this research   because they end up getting all this commercial  off the shelf software and they would like to   maybe use it but maybe the people that developed  it don't really think about security in the way   that NASA thinks about security right Because  there's a lot of people that write software now.   And if the source code isn't available  then how are we supposed to know if   there are vulnerabilities in that  code So we're using some tools   some of them created by the NSA and some by  like antivirus software companies like Avast and   we're taking the byte code and reverse engineering  it to get the source code and then analyzing that   source code with other tools to see if there  are any cyber security vulnerabilities in it.   And I just had a meeting with NASA on Wednesday  and they're really excited about this research and   so are actually some of the companies that gave me  academic licenses to use their software to do this   research.

Also want to share their research with  us and see our results and see how it goes.

So   lots of opportunities in the area.

So in like the  Virginia or the Maryland area and even around here   there's a lot of defense contracting.

So computer  science and cyber security go hand in hand.   Most of the software developers that are doing  some sort of contract for the DOD or whoever   that's a government contract they're going  to require you to get a security certification   anyway.

And they really like it when you have a  background in cyber security because a lot of CS   programs ignore cyber security which is a really  I mean this is the reason that we have so many   vulnerabilities that exist in all the code that  gets created now.

Because people aren't aware   like they'll just use an unsafe function  because they've never been taught any better.   And that opens up this huge vulnerability and  then we have some kind of massive data breach or a   system getting corrupted and people getting inside  somewhere they shouldn't be.

Which is happening   every day right So I use I have a twitter feed  that I use to disseminate current events right   So we're always talking about current events in  the classroom.

I call it our threat intelligence   research.

You need to be up on what's going on  right now.

So we talk a lot about current events.   And some of the stuff that's going on in the  world is just insane.

I've never had to look   more than two minutes to find some massive breach.  So can we is this the last slide I have here Yes right now for cyber security.

Okay so again just to wrap up there's a there's  a lot of exciting opportunities.

We really need   you here now working in this field.

We need  to professionals to protect our cyber   infrastructure in this country.

So you know if  you come here you'll definitely have to go through   me to get out of the program and I look forward  to meeting you all.

So we'll let this continue.

So Miriam's going to talk with  us a little bit about some of   the opportunities for student organizations  that students can participate here at WVU.

Hey guys.

As Dr.

Powell just introduced me I'm  Miriam Dimasi.

I'm a senior electrical/computer   engineering student at WVU.

And WVU especially  the LANE department has a lot of student   organizations as you can see here.

IEEE is  an organization I've been part of.

They hold   conferences there's different competitions like  a sumo bot competition or a brown bag competition   where you get different circuit components and  have to build things.

There's ethics competitions   there's teaching competitions teaching students  about a computer science and electrical   engineering.

There's the association for computer  machinery as well.

There's a lot of associations   for women in engineering as well.

There's amateur  radio club.

There's different honors societies.   As Dr.

Devine has mentioned earlier there's  cyber WVU who does a lot of the collegiate   cyber defense competitions and different hacking  competitions.

Whatever your major is within the   LANE department there is a professional society  for you to join as well as probably a special   interest group like amateur radio club or  the video game development club as well.

I'm actually just going to pop in because I'm  faculty advisor for IEEE.

So actually right now   as we speak they are having a soldering  workshop for students.

And this is part of   a couple series that they're going to be  doing this spring where they're going to build   little custom keyboards to use for  gaming.

So IEEE likes to have a lot   of different events and projects like  that kind of as Miriam was saying.

So what makes WVU unique I think what makes us  the most unique is that there's a lot of outside   of the classroom competition besides just clubs  and student orgs there's these competitions.

I   personally am on the robotics team at WVU and  have been for the past two years.

So as you can   see we've won a lot of the NASA challenges.

We  can be in the university rover challenge as well   each year and there's a lot of opportunity for  electrical engineering computer engineering   computer science in robotics.

There's eco car  where we play second place in 2018.

If you're   interested in connected vehicles automated  vehicles changing a car from gas to electric   there's a lot of coding and cyber security  computer science electrical engineering   that goes on in that team too.

And then again the  wvu cyber team if you're interested in learning   how to protect and secure systems.

There's  also a lot of competitions for you and also   just at the bottom there's the tutoring center.  If you're ever struggling in your classes there's   a tutor for all the sophomore and some of the  junior level courses that is free at WVU.

I'm   actually one of those tutors and so there's a  lot of people like me who just want to see you   and help you succeed when you're here as well.


So one of the things that we have   as an advantage here at WVU compared to a lot  of other schools is that since we are an R1   research institution with a full graduate  program we have a lot of opportunities for   students to get involved in the research that  our faculty and graduate students are doing   while they're still undergrads.

So that's pretty  common that we have a lot of students here who   help go through and participate in different  capacities with programs.

Sometimes you know it   kind of varies depending on what sort of research  opportunity you're interested in but we have a lot   of faculty who are working on different projects  where students can you know as sometimes even as   freshmen can get plugged in.

So for example  we do a lot of biometrics research here.   One of the things that we need in order to make  that research work is we have to have biometrics   data.

We need you know people's fingerprints  and faces and sometimes even scans of the iris.   We have undergraduate students who help us go  through and handle data collection for that.   Tom was talking a little bit about some of the  research where he's plugging in some undergraduate   students to go through and help with there.

We're  doing work with trying to go through and have   smart and connected homes especially trying to be  able to support older people being able to remain   in their homes.

Not necessarily have to go to an  assisted living facility.

We're doing research   with on ways that we can go through and do that  things with robotics.

We even have some research   opportunities that students can plug into based on  projects from our alumni.

So syGlass is a company   that's based here in Morgantown.

It was founded  by Michael Moorhead who went through and got his   computer science degrees here from WVU.

And he  with one of our faculty in the department have   created this platform to be able to go through and  visualize scientific data.

So you can go through   and explore going through and looking at different  cells and things like that and be able to   really get a using virtual reality you have the  headset on be able to go through and see what's   going on actually with that data and be able to go  through and record and annotate so you can kind   of share your explanations with others.

They have  opportunities for undergraduate students to come   and perform research.

There's a lot of ways that  you know if you're interested you can go through   and get involved you don't have to be a graduate  student to do research if you're at WVU.

Some students are also interested  in study abroad and Miriam took   advantage of that.

She's going to talk a little  bit about what opportunities we have there.

Yeah so when I was a freshman I got the  opportunity to study abroad at the Royal   University for Women in Bahrain.

So I got  to spend time in the Middle East to learn   about their culture and WVU actually has  an engineering school in Bahrain as well.   So I got to tour that and spend time and it  was a really great opportunity.

I strongly   advise anyone who's interested in study  abroad to look into it at WVU.

The advisors   want to work with you to support you  and let that be an opportunity for you.

We've really been trying to go through and  cultivate relationships with other universities   across the planet for people who are interested  in going through and doing study abroad.   If you're thinking about doing it a good time is  generally kind of sophomore and junior year.

That   tends to give you the most flexibility with your  schedule in terms of being able to take courses   internationally or and be able to bring  them back to our curriculum here at WVU.   We do have a scholarship that was funded by alumni  from our department Sarah Suleiman.

And it's   named actually after Bills Cooley who's a retired  faculty member in the department that we can go   through and help provide support for students in  CSEE who are interested in participating in study   abroad.

We also have a lot of other scholarship  opportunities for students here in the department.   So between Statler College scholarships and  ones that are specific to the LANE department   there's we had 51 students in 2019  who went and received scholarships   from those specific programs and we have a couple  new opportunities that in the last year we've   launched.

Mike Manley who owns a company called  Software Systems Incorporated here in Morgantown   donated half a million dollars to fund  scholarships for students in CSEE.   We also currently have a grant from the National  Science Foundation for students who are in the   cyber security major or who are doing computer  science with a cyber security area of emphasis   that will go through and pay five thousand dollars  a year and you can have it for up to four years.   So that's really great opportunity to help pay  for your education and there's not any sort of   commitment for work or anything after the fact.  We also do have programs available throughout the   department of defense where they will go through  and give very generous scholarships with stipends   if you commit to working for DOD afterwards but  this NSF one there's no commitment to that.

And one of the things that you know  most people are going to college for   is they want to get a job when they're done.

We  have a lot of employers that we have graduates   working for both locally and throughout the  country.

In some cases internationally.

There's   a pretty good cluster of businesses here within  north central West Virginia between Morgantown   Fairmont and Clarksburg that hire a lot of  our graduates.

Many of them are government or   defense contractors so you know we have a  lot of people who go through and work for   end up doing work that supports federal government  or state governments.

I know several people who   are at some contractors in the area doing that  locally.

We have some startups that have spun   off from some of our research here like syGlass  but we also have people who go out and work for   large developers.

I know students that are going  through and working for Microsoft and Apple now   working for Google has a facility up in  Pittsburgh that hires a lot of people.   There's a lot of opportunities.

Actually  one thing that's kind of neat is   is actually based here in Morgantown.

They're  all their operations for their website   so it's actually a company that started here  in Morgantown with some of our graduates   that got acquired and is now owned by

So if you're looking for a house   all the tools to support that were developed here  with WVU graduates.

A lot of people also do think   about going on to graduate school after they go  and get their bachelor's degree.

We have masters   and PhD programs here at WVU and actually Tom and  I are both graduates of our the PhD program here   in computer science from WVU but we also have  a lot of people who go on to other schools.   We have people gone to very prestigious programs  in computer science including Carnegie Mellon and   Georgia Tech.

There's a lot of opportunities that  if you're looking at going to graduate school   you know we've had our graduates stay  here but also we have a lot of graduates   who go elsewhere and do very well in very  well-regarded very competitive programs.   So that's kind of what we have here for our  talk and we're at 1 15 right now so I know   a lot of you need to go head off to the next  session which starts in about five minutes.

But   if anybody has any questions feel free to go  ahead and stick around.

We can chat with you.

Also   let me go ahead and put the earlier slide back up  where we had everybody's email addresses.

If you   have any questions feel free to go ahead and send  us an email and we'd be happy to talk with you.

Thanks Mariah I saw your your comment  there and I'm glad you found this helpful.   Hopefully see you on campus here later this year.

So thanks for coming everybody!

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