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SymbolAPC Rank2586 Price USD0.000012 Market Cap USD442 24H volume USD0 Circulating Supply34,999,999 Total Supply65,000,000 Max Supply65,000,000 % last hour -0.15 % last 24 hours -98.37 % last seven days -98.37  


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There are two types of people in this world there are those who wake up easily

And smile to a new day and there are those who struggle to get out of bed.

Some always look nice and neat; others don’t consider their appearance to be worth any attention.

One type believes that they were born already tired.

And the other type always finds new sources of vitality.

Some people stubbornly divide their day on work and rest not enjoying either of those things.

And some people work during their rest and rests during work.

Some people do not seek love thinking it’s not worth their time.

The others enjoy the love of their friends and family every day.

Some easily lose their temper and succumb to the impulses of instant anger.

And some live in harmony with themselves and their feelings.

People are divided into two types some insistently use obsolete tools and some find new opportunities.

Alpha Coins - hold your hand on the pulse of the market.

- Hello and welcome to this is Are You a Super Alpha Man's Man of a

Man Boy - Yeah.


- Then this website is for you.

The website we're talking about is called Uncrate.

It calls itself the leading buyers guide for men.

Austin and I are banned from doing this because we are not men we are boys.

Let's do the first item that should not exist but is sold on Uncrate - Whoop.


- So you all remember the smart basketball from our dumb products that Apple sold Well here is the accompanying smart poop that would- - Huupe.

- Try and that sound every time you hoop.

- Say one more time.


This basketball backboard would you call it a lot a backboard - I'd say just a basket.

- So are you trying to aim for her face Is that what you're doing - It's a normal backboard.


It just happens to have a screen in it which will do things as magical and wonderful as count your baskets.

- The basket will tell you how many baskets.

It's like swish.

- Almost like the one that we got from Costco for like a hundred dollars that's been downstairs in our break room for the last three months.

- Now the cool thing about this one is it costs $4000.

I'm too poor to even have like just me going on this website over drafted my bank account.

- I as someone who has been scammed a time or two in my day would never ever judge you dear viewer Sam for making questionable decisions.

However he got four grand to drop on this thing.

He's okay.

You've probably still got plenty of Ethereum to cover your mortgage this month.

- If Charles Barkley doesn't get on here and coach me this ain't worth it because I just wanted Charles Barkley to come on just like that.

Shot was terrible.

That was terrible.

The Null Stern Zero real estate.

- Can we just take a moment Can we just appreciate this image Okay cool.

I'm done.

Appreciating what the fu- I'm calling the police.

I'm saying to this gas station in Switzerland where you're gonna be sitting there with your buns out in the middle of the wilderness rather than a place of rest this aims to keep you awake and offers a place of reflection on current affairs such as the climate the economy security or quality.

- Is that because the homeless guy that sits out in front of the gas station is just gonna be screaming about how the government stole his fingernails or something - Okay couple of thoughts here.

First of all what happens when it rains Second of all it does come with a- - It keeps you awake - Butler.

It comes with a butler.

Does the Butler work inside the gas station Where is the butler - Does he is it just a guy who pumps your gas - I could not agree with Matt more and that this is actually a neat idea if you're like on top of a mountain.

Yeah like that's like some like - If you're like overviewing a waterfall and like whatever.

- Imagine this like on top of like a skyscraper or something in a big city.

Yeah that'd be cool.


This is beta.

As the kids say.

Unlike some of these questionable items this video is sponsored by Narwal and their brand new Narwal Freo Robotic Mop and Vacuum.

- The Freo has every situation covered with five different modes including vacuum mop both and Freo.

You don't even have to swap between the modular as they do not interfere with each other.

- Plus maintenance is super easy.

The Freo knows when to return the mop home for self cleaning and self drying and it's really easy to change out that base station's tray.

You can also do just about anything you want from the base station's LCD display or from the app.

- The brand new Freo mode cleans smarter.

It detects dirt levels and floor types and even adjusts and repeats accordingly.

- And it gets those hard edges and corners easily.

Thanks to Narwal's patented smart swing sick twisty action.

Smart swing sick twisty action.

I got it right because it plots its routes with optimal overlap for maximum coverage and efficiency.

- It is super quiet which is perfect when you have a little anxiety ridden dog like I do.

- Is it Nibbler approved - It is Nibbler approved.

- To learn more about Narwal Freo check out the link of the description and of course huge shout out to Narwal for sponsoring this portion of the video.

- That what the the shoes.

Have you ever looked at your favorite hype B sneaker and thought What if this was a gun - My brain is locking up because I have so many questions.

First of all what kind of weaponry is this Does this shoot bullets Nerf bullets darts Beebees - It shoots the little plastic things that are on the end of shoelaces.

- Why do we need to put guns and shoes together - This is America baby.

- I feel like I'm getting the idea of what Uncrate's about and I'm quickly learning that it is not our demographic.

- It is very clear where Elon Musk gets all of his stuff from Oh yeah - No no.

The Dyson Air purifying headphones.

So this is a set of headphones that will cancel everything right If you're a fan of being canceled wear these headphones because they will cancel you.

Also those headphones look really ugly.

Can I You say - How dare you Because the Dyson engineers spent six years and had over 500 prototypes.

This is the this is the winner.

They went as far as to create a mannequin with working mechanical lungs to test this out.

- And again this is the best they had.

- All right.

- Oh.

A Patek Philippe.

- Oh wait.

Oh God.

- Is that a Patek Philippe A Patek Philippe - So this here you are not buying.

- Wait what The particularly not to I can't read.

- The Nautilus.

- You're only buying an NFT of this watch.

You're buying shares of a watch that some other dude owns.

- Is it like a timeshare for watches - No - A timeshare.

- Get out get out.

Get out! (laughter) for a fraction of the price and not even a small fraction because just based on this website you can be like I own one one-thousandth of George Clooney's Patek Philippe watch.

- Matt would this you feel better Did they announce this and then it just never happened But wait - What What - The All Design Lab Hitekw Tennis Racket.

- This is where Skynet comes in.

This is the moment that - Does look like it's about to terminate.

Terminate me.

- This sci-fi design is the result of the AI program.

DALL-E this bad boy unfortunately will never be used by Roger Feder because he is - He's what man - Retired - From a game - No from tennis.

- Oh the DeLorean Omega.


So here's the thing.

DeLorean not to be confused with the DeLorean Motor company which was famously run out of business by a certain scandal with cocaine and whatnot back in the eighties.

of course the original DeLorean only made the one car.

But now that they have begun bringing things back it makes sense that they're trying to drum up a whole lot of interest.

Now apparently the new DeLorean the guy who bought the existing trademark and has rebuilt the DeLorean they've actually been sued.

- Are you so alpha that you're living in the future Well us betas are living in the present which might as well be middle aged past.

DeLorean's were just not well made.

- Well you know what Sometimes you don't need to be well made.

- This is literally made by alpha.

- It is eighty miles an hour.

You can see some serious sh- the Prodrive Callum Racing Simulator.

- Do you wish you could drive the DeLorean from 2040 but you live in today now Also do you wanna do the other rich person sport which is Formula One - Absolutely.

- This is only slightly cheaper than just buying your own Formula One car - As a Formula One aficionado.

I feel very accomplished and qualified to tell you that this looks dope.

16 layers of steam bent birch.

You've got a Cobra Nagarro racing seat.

It's a carbon fiber cockpit with the sim cube pro steering motor.

But at least it does say that assembly is included so they'll come to your house and build you this dope as- racing setup.

- I mean you know a lot about this.

It's almost like you have like a F1 podcast.

- Look I'm gonna actually be really honest with you for a second.

$47000 is a lot money right A lot of money.

But - You're about to justify this and - It's not crazy - When we say eat the rich I'm talking about you.

- I'm not gonna buy one of these things.

But - If I if I show up to your house and I see this here I hope this comes with pre-filled out divorce papers because - Is this a screenshot from Cyber Punk - Sometimes you wanna wear a hat and sometimes you wanna wear sunglasses.

But how do you do it at the same time The sunglasses - And then the hat's on top of it.

And then like you can't break into the bank because they can see your forehead.

It's very unfortunately robbing.

- It's only time someone came up with a solution.

Well luckily Fendi did for a mere $700.

You too can look like an idiot - If you wear this in public and get punched in the face.

I think you just gotta chalk it up to part of the deal.


More driving shoes.

These are the Aurelien Driving Shoes.

Are you so rich that you need to change into your Italian driving shoes whenever you go for a drive Kenzie wrote that for me because I actually have driving shoes and I wear them sometimes when I go to the track or for go carts or something.

- I Hate you so much - But does it you feel better that while they are driving shoes I got them for $25 at like some clearance rack - That's $25 more than you should have spent on driving shoes.

- They're they're they're Ferrari form fit.

Puma shoes and what I say form fit.

- Form fit to what - My foot.

- You bought them off the rack.

- They're just really small shoes.

So I'm- - Just because you have tiny feet.

- If you're really watching this Sam I need your help right now.

Let these guys know that I am not off base and the driving shoes while not necessary when you're going fast the last thing I do is press the wrong pedal.

Would you spend $200 on like cleats - Cleats that dig into the grass where you're running - This digs into the pedals so you don't trip over your feet.

I'm telling you.

- I've never I've never stepped on like my gas pedal and been like Man I wish I had I wish I had cleats on this.

I'm so rich that I can't I need to have multiple pedals.

I'm so poor that I asked.

- That's not the same thing.

We need to move on immediately or I'm get really upset here.

Oh this is a different engine.

What engine fuel the dream but in gin.

- Wait.


I'm like wait this this this one here has been a roller coaster.

This is Italian gin.

And organic which I mean of course it is.

It's gin.

- Well it's Italian so it's like it's going for the whole like motor sport theme.

You know it looks like an oil can.

- What you're really paying for here is that the website has a fully interactive 3D experience.

- Would you guys like to see this - I would love - You're paying for the dev.

- Oh my goodness.

Is that the Gin station - Oh my god.

- Oh we're going inside.

We're going inside.

Actually you know what This branding is kind of neat.

I'm not gonna lie.

This is - This is right now taking up about 12% of AWS just in the processing power for this website.

Do you want a big well kept island Well this isn't the listing for you.

Instead you can get a Little Ragged Island.

It's 712 acres that complete with exotic fish.

You know water.

- 712 acres.

That's small - For an island You live on like a quarter of an acre.

- Okay.

Fair enough.

Exotic fish fresh springs and lignum vitae trees.

- Lig-num balls.

(upbeat music) - Ladies and gentlemen.

- Love so much....

- We got them.

- Having fresh springs on your island actually is probably a pretty big deal.

- Yes because you know when you are stranded on island - You gotta drink.

- Yeah you gotta drink.

So Tom Hanks owns the auction of Sooth Bees.

- Sotheby's.

- Sotheby's - What you've never heard of Sotheby's.

- What - You've never heard of Sotheby's.

- No - They're one of the big auction.

- I'm poor! - Okay nevermind.

- eBay is the only option I know.

- Fair enough fair enough.


Hey are there laws If you have you own Island can you do whatever you want - Well it depends on where it is and you can learn more about that if you go and watch one of our greatest This is episodes - I was about to ask - on Sea Land.

I mean this is exactly how Bond villains start.

So - Heron Preston and ZellerFeld have combined to create one of the most Sigma products of all time.

Do you like sneakers Matt - No.

- Do you like 3D printing - No.

- What if you could 3D print sneakers - I don't want to.

- Well too bad because now the Heron01 is here.

You can now be a beta tester for 3D print.

- Wait wait wait wait wait.

I don't wanna be beta testing anything.

If I'm on this website I better be alpha testing this.

- Basically if you join you install an iPhone app upload your pictures directly to Wiki fee I mean to their 3D printing services where they will then charge you $350 and 3D print sneakers that are perfectly designed for your feet.

- Wow.

That's very impressive.

- What we do is you grab - yep grab your foot.

- Grab your iPhone.

There you go.


Send that off.

Okay now fun fact we actually had had this 3D model from Austin's foot originally.

- How dare you how dare you - The Garden Glory Hose.

- Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa - You're thinking of a different you're thinking no.

Oh - No no.

Absolutely not young man.

Absolutely not.

I look at it in Sophisticated Now garden hoses.

- Dull green eye sores have received a Scandinavian inspired update.

$170 is too much for a garden hose.

Do you want your neighbors to think that you just went to Home Depot and bought a peasant hose Ha hilarious Garden Glory which is apparently a company only provides the finest of Accoutrement and other various chotskis and high end paraphernalia.

- Why am I still holding the foot - You know what Matt That's a great question.

Why are you still holding your finger over the subscribe button and your other middle finger over the Ringling Dingling button I'm not sure why but you gotta do it both at the same time.

Thank you very much for subscribing.

We appreciate your support as this garden glory for your $170.

- Do you ever wish your nice new shoes look like you went through a mud compactor - The Balenciaga trash can high tops - Fallon Ki-aga - Balenciaga - Valenciaga So this is the limited edition which comes aged with decades worth of wear.

There are only 100 pairs in existence and they're a cool $1820.

- Great news for me is cause I'm pretty sure I have a pair of these sitting back at my parents' house.

So there goes my my kids' college fund.

- Well do it you feel better that you could also spend $495 for their slightly thrashed high tops.

This is a real art piece right Because it shows that while idiots have money they can easily have that money stolen from them by companies such as Balenciaga who - My favorite art about this is that some guy is gonna buy these and then never wear them because he is worried about ruining them.

- I'm poor.

- Moving on.

- Well you know what you need Matt If you're poor let me tell you this.

You can easily finance a few kidneys for the Airyacht Airship Yacht.

Don't you hate it when you get on your mega yacht that hundred 97 foot beauty that's floating in the Mediterranean Sea soaking up that beautiful French sunrise.

Well let me tell you what you can't fly in that beach can you Well look no further because this is a 656 foot blimp that will fly your boat around.

This apparently does come with the yacht.

However the yacht does not have any self-propelling or motors.

So good luck with that.

Also good luck with getting yours because while they're currently taking orders they're expecting to deliver in 2026.

- So we live in Los Angeles where we see - Yeah capital of the world.

- Below.


Yeah I cannot wait to just watch one of these float by.

Cause like as the world descends into awfulness you just float away above the clouds.

I think I'm gonna get one of these.

I think if I sell my old Converse I think I can swing this.

- What one up horror picture from Director T West.

- They'll do like curated like boxes of everyday carries.

Let's say like as an alpha I wanna look good but I don't maybe have the alpha design yet.

- You need some inspiration perhaps - You need some inspiration.

Or better yet have some beta peasant do it for me.

So they have these boxes here.

It'll be something like Here's this watch and it goes great with this pen that costs $20000.

And also this taser knife that is another $4500.

- Wait wait is there actually basketball - Yeah this one is a ball and outfit.

It comes with a $300 basketball.

- Is this compatible with the Huupe - Think about it.

This is a bargain.

You can get this entire fit for what Two grand three grand.

- If you buy me this I'll wear it.

- Thank you very much for watching this episode of This Is sure to subscribe Ringling that dingaling button with both fingers of course.

out some swear words on his pants we will see you then.

Matt can you play us out please - No.

after another just totally horrific day for the averages when they made you

Feel like a if you took any consolation from yesterday's positive action and i told you i didn't well i feel compelled to reiterate there is always a bull market somewhere it's just that there are far fewer of them and i don't want to mince words they're harder and harder to find but it doesn't mean they don't exist over the last few weeks we've seen a tremendous run in the lithium stocks we used to talk about lithium all the time because the key ingredient in batteries especially electric vehicle batteries which is why this whole cohort rocketed higher from mid 2020 through late last year but along with the anything else connected to electric vehicles the lithium stocks peaked last november before plummeting back to earth however even as the lithium stocks got obliterated the actual price of lithium kept going higher after nearly tripping last year lithium is up another 130 percent through the first four and a half months of 2022.

all told it's up almost 800 since the end of 2020.

now you think the whole world's going insane everybody's desperate to get their hands on some mood stabilizers it's not that kind of lithium now that lithium companies have started reporting earnings the sky-high price of the material is finally being reflected in their stock so tonight i want to talk a closer look take a closer look at this the little part of lithium that i think is okay even as i acknowledge that we're a little late to the party not there's any parties going on in this market the basic story here is very simple even if the economy is slowing down the demand for lithium-ion batteries especially big batteries used in electric vehicles it continues to soar this is a powerful secular growth theme and i don't think anything can stop it at the same time there's been a lot more interest in industrial scale battery storage either because businesses want to protect against blackouts or because they have excess renewable power that will go to waste without storage capacity don't miss a second of mad money follow at jim kramer on twitter have a question tweetgramer hashtag mad tweets send jim an email to madmoney at or give us a call at 1-800-743-cn miss something head to shepard smith here thanks for watching cnbc on youtube

the SEC takes some heat as grayscale sues for rejection of its spot ETF ethereum's

Ether token becomes deflationary following the merge and at the end of the video I'll reveal how jpeg junkies broke into the top five less than one week after men and what's next for nft Alpha's new project my name is AJ this is your nightly crypto news wrap up let's get it the people's Channel home of the bit Squad the largest and greatest crypto community in all of the interwebs the chickens have come home to roost after the sec's rejection of grayscale spot ETF application in a lawsuit calling it arbitrary capricious and discriminatory lawyers for grayscale say that logic was flawed and inconsistently applied in the sec's denial to convert grayscale's Bitcoin trust into a spot ETF back in June how fair is that considering Bitcoin Futures ETFs were getting approved left right and Center this is an obvious overstep of the commission's authority and it's a bummer because grayscale said right from the beginning that if the ETF was approved they were prepared to begin trading immediately they also said that if it was denied they were prepared to come out swinging and now they're doing just that in other SEC related news Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper addresses the elephant in the room Gary Gensler doesn't know how to regulate crypto we know dirty Gary isn't fit for the job and it looks like U.S politicians might finally be catching on Hickenlooper called out Gensler for uneven enforcement with a lack of regulatory framework he says there's no clear understanding of investor protection and that the old rules are being applied to a new market in a letter he said that this could cause Financial Services to be more expensive less accessible and the sec's disclosure regime to be less useful to the American people like us Hickenlooper wants the SEC to clarify what would any crypto asset a security how crypto assets can be issued and what needs to be disclosed to investors guests we're not the only ones who want more than a shoot first ask questions later Witch Hunt disguised as crypto regulation go figure let's pass it to our guy Frankie candles for a market watch thanks AJ all right guys let's jump in and do a little market watch here we've got Bitcoin coming in at 19 204 down about one percent on the day ethereum coming in at 12.98 up about point eight percent on the day now guys I want to bring you over the Bitcoin chart as we have seen some crazy price action here massive pump up yesterday we came up to this level right here at about 19-4 before getting another rip right up to the POC which we were expecting on the Frankie Candles YouTube channel because it is our POC of the range and when you come up and hold the value area low it is likely that you come up and visit that POC also called this in our free Discord right as we were holding support on top of this value area low we saw bullish confirmations on those lower time frames and I was able to call that just in time for the candle Mafia shout out to any of the candle Mafia or bit Squad watching this that saw that call and was able to take advantage of that call never Financial advice but hopefully I was able to spark some trade ideas in your head and you guys were able to take advantage of that information and then we came up to the POC which was our Target we held above it and then we finally broke down bearsly retested and lost that level we are now starting to correct however we are starting to get some bullish signs on the lower time frame so we could potentially see this bounce continue up a little bit higher but remember protect yourself with some tight stop losses because the weekends can get crazy but if you guys want to follow me it's Frankie candles on YouTube or Frankie underscore candles on all socials back to the news thanks Frankie and you can trade like Frankie by using femex and you can get a bit Squad exclusive sign up bonus by clicking the link in the description we've been talking about it since the London hard Fork back in August of 21.

ethereum is becoming deflationary since then it felt a little like when Ace Ventura said if I'm not back in five minutes just wait longer following the EIP 1559 upgrade and especially now since the merge ether is burned when verifying transactions over a one week period about Point 13 of the total Supply was reduced that's equal to 4 000 ether tokens we haven't felt the supply shock yet but in a bull market this would be a price Catalyst for sure but since we're in a bear Market investors roll down their window look at the pretty ethereum update and then just keep driving it's a cold world out there a bit Squad especially in a crypto winter nft Alpha's brainchild cardano nft project minted last Saturday after the next few days 599 jpeg junkies sold for 69 Ada a piece the mint was sold out by Tuesday and there have already been some big purchases in the secondary Market especially for the ultra rare one of ones that received offers as high as 4 000 Ada shortly after the jpeg junkies entered the top 12 they broke into the top five nft trades by volume on the Cardone our Network this band of crazy kg caffeinated jpeg addicts are becoming a fan favorite of the cnft space probably because the nft community sees a little jpeg junkie in themselves utility announcements have been teased with details coming soon for Blue Chip cardano nft merch and collaborations with Pluto Alliance I personally write a quick update every day on their Discord called the daily fix keep an eye on this project that's all hopped up on cardano Blue Chip potential that's all I got my name is AJ writes crypto on all socials I'm always down to chat and don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions have yourselves a great night thank you

The Sandbox the most enjoyable and most profitable game of Metaverse is coming

To us earn again with its brand new season.

Greetings everyone.

Welcome to Kripto Kurdu.

I'm Ertuğrul from the project team.

In this video I'll show you how to play Sandbox and get into the $1.5 million prize pool and more.

Before we move on to the event details...

If you haven't browsed the playlists on our channel yet you can browse the content related to the topics you are interested in.

If you want to be the first to hear about such opportunities don't forget to subscribe to our channel and like the video.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 article.

You can find this and other links I will use in the description.

Season 3 started on August 24 that is as of today.

It will continue for 10 weeks.

This article writes how to a profit without investment let's take a look.

More than 90 content will be made available to the players' experience.

These contents were developed in collaboration with many famous companies and names from Web3 and physical life.

In order to earn rewards we must first progress in the game.

Then you must collect Ethos points by doing missions throughout the season.

As a result you participate in the leaderboard and the lottery.

This part is important to us.

That's what the video is about.

Let me continue reading the article.

Here is a small promotional video.

With Alpha Season 3 The Sandbox is with us with its most comprehensive content yet.

They take functionality a very important topic in the NFT world to the next level.

The NFTs of the 13 collections you see on the screen can be used as avatars in The Sandbox universe.

If you own any of these collections you can play Season 3 with one of those characters.

There will be extra rewards exclusive to these NFT holders.

How do we earn rewards for free As stated here 2.5 million tokens will be distributed among the top 5000 on the leaderboard.

If you rank between 1001-5000 you will earn 60 mSAND.

You will be able to convert mSANDs into SAND tokens at the end of the season.

In previous seasons KYC was not required to convert these tokens.

You need KYC to collect rewards this season.

We will earn Ethos points by completing missions in over 90 content.

It is not enough to complete these missions to enter the ranking friends.

You have to complete the missions as fast as possible.

You can re-do a mission you have completed friends.

You can reduce your mission completion time by repeating the missions.

As NFT equipment in the game provides extra stats players who have these equipment will be more advantageous.

I think that among the 5000 people who will receive an award there will be people among us who will stand out with their talent and effort.

The number of people to whom the awards will be distributed is quite large.

We also have a chance.

In Season 2 an unannounced reward was given to those who completed all the missions.

We may encounter such a surprise in this season as well.

This is within the possibilities.

It doesn't just end there.

Alpha Pass NFTs will be distributed by lottery.

Although a statement has not been made about the details of this yet we know that we will collect the lottery tickets by playing the game.

We'll an announcement on Telegram when the details are announced.

At the same time you can join our Telegram game group from the description below.

It doesn't end there.

The Sandbox will do daily in-game and social media missions.

We will have a chance to win extra prizes with these events.

Be sure to follow The Sandbox closely throughout Season 3.

We can say that The Sandbox welcomed us with plenty of awards in Season 3.

Here are the Alpha Season 3 details.

For those who don't know let me show how to game and start playing.

The Sandbox website > Sign In.

You can become a member of The Sandbox by using the options that appear on the screen.

Since we usually use MetaMask we will register with MetaMask.

I linked my wallet.

Here I write my e-mail and nickname information.

I continue.

I signed my signature in the MetaMask confirmation window.

I will create a password.

Yes guys I have successfully created my account.

When this countdown is over and Season 3 is activated I will game and log in.

See you in an hour and a half.

An hour and a half passed and the game is now available for download.

After logging into your account on The Sandbox's website you can game to your Windows or Mac device.

These operations are quite simple.

After you start the download you can see the steps you need to follow.

In order to receive the rewards we need to complete KYC on our account friends.

Steps for this Profile > Settings > Account Verification > Start Verification.

I enter the information requested from me such as my photo ID and address.

And I get KYC approval.

You must be over 18 to get KYC approval.

We will be together again after the game downloads.

I downloaded the game and performed the necessary installation procedures.

I will log in to the game with the information I used while registering.

I logged into the game.

The game showed me a notification screen and gave me my first mission.

I'm closing this screen.

I see my mission on the right of the screen.

I need to collect Rabbids' golden plungers from the places that appear on the map.

I will collect 35 of this item.

I found another one as you can see here.

I will complete these and continue.

After collecting 35 pieces in total I completed the first mission.

As you can see I earned 1 Ethos point.

I can collect 20 EPs in total today.

After completing the first mission there are quest NPCs around.

These NPCs have a yellow exclamation mark on their heads.

I see one up ahead.

I got the mission.

I have to go to Snoop Dogg and ask about his favourite activity in Season 3.

We collect EP by doing mission like this on the Metaverse map.

Yes friends this was all from us today.

These missions will continue for 10 weeks we will do different missions every day.

Some missions will really challenge us.

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